Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 11:46
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  • Noo Naa
    Noo Naa   3 minuts ago

    Wow!! You actually did a pretty great job

  • sivan magen
    sivan magen   44 minuts ago

    Jenna, you should follow a book binding tutorial! (well...I mean, try)

  • ir.akuna Akuna
    ir.akuna Akuna   55 minuts ago

    Привет Jenna! С днем рожденья! Так вот, я плохо знаю английский и мне лень все переводить, если будет интересно translate herself across гугл From Russian into English. Мне 24 года и за всю мою жизнь никогда не слышала слово Туториал, короче я посмотрела что это такое ииии Я поняла что Туториал это тупо! Вот. Но мне нравится как ты над собой издеваешься и мне бы хотелось что бы таких видио было больше! You're Jenna, you can smell some kind of crap on yourself! =) Да и я жопа так как лайки ставлю редко хихихи))))) А и да у тебя прекрасная улыбка прямо как у меня))) hello from Ukraine!)))

  • irlrp
    irlrp   1 hours ago

    Now bob ross your face plz

  • Jayjaygasm
    Jayjaygasm   1 hours ago

    Ok...RuinedSavedRuinedSavedRuinedSavedWow,it turned out looking great

  • taylorphoe
    taylorphoe   1 hours ago

    Just like your makeup brushes, you gotta invest in your paint brushes!

  • Funasenbaer
    Funasenbaer   1 hours ago

    Make a video about alien channeling :D

  • Nym
    Nym   1 hours ago

    I never thought someone comparing Bob Ross to a volcano would ever make me laugh this hard. I have tears in my eyes 😂😂

  • lukimausii
    lukimausii   2 hours ago

    shes not even tryin doin it like him... just makes fun off it him. youth today...

  • xPoke
    xPoke   2 hours ago

    Ya gotta let the liquid white dry

  • Ava D.S.
    Ava D.S.   3 hours ago

    Yours is still pretty though! Of course, if you compare it to the original one, made by an artist, it'll look ugly. BUT YOU DID REALLY GOOD

  • serato
    serato   3 hours ago

    Ich frage mich, warum die amerikanischen Männer immer so scharf auf unsere Frauen sind?! Ich finde, amerikanische Frauen sind mindestens genau so hot! 😍

  • Cort Vermin
    Cort Vermin   3 hours ago

    its actually not that bad. but since you are a woman, i had no expectations at all. sorry.

  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das   4 hours ago

    she is girl so people say her painting is good, when i made a painting like that my friends said it was dog poop, and somebody on instagram said it caused him Cancer

  • Rvatina
    Rvatina   4 hours ago

    And now drown your dogs.

  • frog fish
    frog fish   5 hours ago

    Jenna your painting is great!!! :)

  • Pellinore13
    Pellinore13   5 hours ago

    this was actually my favorite video youve ever done hahaha

  • joti
    joti   5 hours ago

    Jenna ur painting is really impressive!

  • Bear A
    Bear A   6 hours ago

    The painting is beautiful, Jenna! You should make more!

  • МАRA kUN
    МАRA kUN   7 hours ago

    Your picture is beautiful!!!!!!!👏👍👍👍👍

  • Jenna Tools
    Jenna Tools   8 hours ago

    You and Julien should draw each other while dressed as bob ross

  • William Smith
    William Smith   8 hours ago

    That came out really good! You should keep painting!

  • RayeofSun Grace
    RayeofSun Grace   8 hours ago

    Loosen your wrist! Being all Virgo and stiff, NO! Shake out you wrist!

  • Scarylyn14
    Scarylyn14   8 hours ago

    The clouds may not have turned out amazing but those trees look pretty dang great

  • Ya Silva07
    Ya Silva07   8 hours ago

    I need more of this please!!!! Pt 2

    JEFF MAN   8 hours ago

    Tbh i prefered urs to bobs

  • cande
    cande   8 hours ago

    'do you see something?' 'I SEE NOTHING!!!'

  • Dinoboytony
    Dinoboytony   8 hours ago

    your trees and mountain are amazing:)