Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on: 10 September 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”

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  • Runtime : 6:31
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  • Steve L
    Steve L   1 hours ago

    Once again Stephen A. Smith tells the unadulterated truth.

  • Runner4life
    Runner4life   2 hours ago

    I used to be a fan, but no longer after that outburst

  • Ron Roberts
    Ron Roberts   2 hours ago

    Serena suffer from systematic racism  The Williams sister always had to deal with racism ( Indian Hills ) that was a bulls*it call in the finals   nobody pays/want to see the chair person     SAS is a house Negro sometimes

  • MikeyMan
    MikeyMan   2 hours ago

    The apologizer and his token

  • Tremone Thomas
    Tremone Thomas   2 hours ago

    I'm not defending Serena. She got a husband who is white. Let him do it.

  • MrChelseafc4ever8
    MrChelseafc4ever8   3 hours ago

    What’s wrong with these idiots? The female and the white male I mean 😂

  • ljrleon
    ljrleon   5 hours ago

    You can break a rule because “everyone does it” what a great argument 👍

  • Sylar
    Sylar   8 hours ago

    Serenas coach admitted to coaching, the umpire did the right thing. It was nothing about being a woman. The umpire did his job, he shouldnt have NOT have done it to help the other player..... thats just retarded. He punished her because she cheated and had a tantrum.

  • Dodong Dan
    Dodong Dan   8 hours ago

    Wow just wow. Do these people attend mandatory gender studies???

  • bedlam1970
    bedlam1970   8 hours ago

    rules are rules, shes a whiny spoiled bitch.

  • Trump4 Freedom
    Trump4 Freedom   8 hours ago

    Serena put him on blast for over 20 minutes. Max is a d-bag. She lost her shit and he can't call it like it is. Move from sports Max your a nobody.

  • Ernest Ramirez
    Ernest Ramirez   10 hours ago

    Serena has had the melt downs before and yes she is a spoiled douche!

  • senor Miranda
    senor Miranda   10 hours ago

    Scared ass Max!!! Shame on u for faking ur stance on this. U know y u did it. Fake ass

  • poetrhode don
    poetrhode don   12 hours ago

    Serena's entire conduct was over the top. She disgraced herself and the game of tennis.

  • Michael Hewitt-Clarke
    Michael Hewitt-Clarke   15 hours ago

    0:54 “ ahahahahaha.. ahahahaahahaha, your serious ?” Of course not if anything if a man played the race card he would be humiliated and ridiculed beyond belief and if the umpire was a woman you know Sureena Williams would be ridiculed more for her childish out burst we both know it in modern day society women can play the victim and claim sexism on everything to quote a white feminist “ every thing is sexist, every thing is racist, every thing is homophobic and you need to point it all out “ and since I’m black apparently me going to college with my twin sister is sexist and racist and homophobic

    MIDKNIGHT FENERIR   15 hours ago

    Carlos Ramos is the GOAT Tennis Referee Respect to You Mr Ramos Upholding the Rules

  • Bobby Mitchell
    Bobby Mitchell   16 hours ago

    Mr. Smith is 100% right. That girl thought she was above being black sorry u dumb bitch ur still black no matter who u married !!!!!!!

  • jeremy schoffen
    jeremy schoffen   16 hours ago

    This debate seems very stupid. You get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you shut up and apologize. You don't ask your mom to apologize for catching. Anyone considered she could just have shut the F up and moved on focused on the match? I guess she knew she was defeated so why not go tatrum...

  • Hamzie !
    Hamzie !   18 hours ago

    For the first time I disagree with max

  • superdaddys69
    superdaddys69   18 hours ago

    And btw, Serena was losing the game. She was pist off and now its the referee's fault. Come on Serena, behave like a sport and not like a you're at the goat market!

  • superdaddys69
    superdaddys69   18 hours ago

    Hey, Serena fucked up! And using SJW/racism card is so far out .Grow up Serena. Its US open, not a fuckin getto!

  • Jason C
    Jason C   22 hours ago

    If you watched the next game Osaka gave her the next game and Serena still did not beat her in the match. Much respect to Serena in the post game award ceremony.

  • ed lover
    ed lover   22 hours ago

    Look up the stats on men and women fines in Grand slam tennis games. Men overwhelmingly get more fines and penalties than women. She broke the rules and then was penalized for it. Calling this sexism is an excuse. She is a bad sport.

  • Marco
    Marco   23 hours ago

    Serena, after screw big time, started to cry... only way to shows gender weakness .... asking for woman help...pathetic !!!!

  • Jekub Fimbulwing
    Jekub Fimbulwing   1 days ago

    Carlos Ramos didn't take that moment away from Naomi Osaka. Serena did! Stop excusing Serena's bad behavior!

  • Anthony Matthews
    Anthony Matthews   1 days ago

    why has race and sexism been bought into this shit serena was 100% wrong, anyone who knows the rules of tennis can see that

  • David Love
    David Love   1 days ago

    As a white man I’m extremely proud of Tom Brady as the GOAT...... WTF Stephen A Smith , until we realize we are all Americans and not a color racists like you and racism will never die. What does Serena being black have to do with you being proud? You can’t be proud because she’s a great American tennis player on a time of not great American tennis players? You’re a disgrace .

  • Matiu
    Matiu   1 days ago

    Tall about comparing apples with bananas!!This was not a merely a grand slam title match….Serena was defending her grand slam title on one hand and attempting to top her own women’s world record by securing number 24 on the other.Moreover this was an opportunity to concretise restoring her personal and social identity, after a year where she has had to battle death, acclimatize to a highly publicized personal relationship and consolidate a family unit through welcoming a new baby. The most stressful factors in life are 1) Death of a loved one. The death of a spouse or other loved one tops the list of the most stressful things we experience. ...2) Separation or divorce. ...3) Getting married. ..4) Starting a new job. ..5) Workplace stressors. ..6) Financial problems. ...8) Chronic illness or injury. ..9) Retirement.Serena has had to deal with eight of these nine factors. And she has done that with great aplomb and integrity, with Alexis’s support, specially designed suits to mitigate impacts of DVT and critical choices between balancing her personal and professional goals and responsibilities. These are NORMAL life events with the exception this couple have been advised to put their lives in the public face, rather than have the public face in their lives…..the best anecdote to Without their Permission. I do not see Alexis running to defend Serena because he respects the fact that she is a mature adult professional, in her own right, making informed decisions in an intense work environment. No more than Serena would rush off to defend Initialized Capital for making a high risk business loan investment and dropping a few hundred thousand dollars. It’s work!! And who hasn’t had a bad day at the office……… The part Joe Public may easily forget as part of an audience seeking entertainment, is that Serena and Naomi are professional tennis players, AT WORK. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want my work being purveyed and critiqued by 3.1 million people. The end score. Back to the drawing board. The physical and emotional demands of maintaining a professional career amidst getting married and having a first child are huge, let alone when that career is at an international level. Patrick Mouratoglou forecast this when Serena and Alexis made their public announcement that they were expecting their first child. Nobody else but a parent with prior experiential knowledge would make that statement (Mouratoglou), however people need the breathing space to find this knowledge out and learn for themselves through their own experiences. Congratulations to Naomi for a solid win and Serena who despite demonstrating frustration at herself for compromised/changed personal capacities, still carried the flag and conceded her loss with graciousness, overt congratulatory support towards Naomi, integrity and dignity.

  • Manuel Laudácias
    Manuel Laudácias   1 days ago

    "Carlos Ramos took away Naomi..."...lolol 5secs on this vid and I'm out...

  • Jx42
    Jx42   1 days ago

    It could be that she's wrong. Or it could be that stephen smith is a racist. We may never know the truth.

  • Tyrell
    Tyrell   1 days ago

    "The greatest player that ever lived" lol

  • Jo Blogs
    Jo Blogs   1 days ago

    You can see she lost all her ground on what was right as soon as her first argument didn't fly, then she unloaded with a whole lot of other reasons why she wasn't getting her way and she couldn't hack it that a Japanese woman who was younger was the better player. SORRY TO SAY IT SERENA ... BUT YOUR OLD NEWS.

  • Dex
    Dex   1 days ago

    What a bizarre world we live in where the referee enforcing the rules that EVERYONE agrees with is blamed for enforcing those rules. She knew he was an extremely strict official. She could have stopped at the 2nd point but no, she just had to keep raging and it cost her a game. Then she had the gall to say it was sexist. Disappointing.