Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

  • Published on: 08 November 2018
  • We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are?  GMM #1418

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  • Runtime : 12:36
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  • Zair Dawn
    Zair Dawn   1 hours ago

    that is because they never look like they are in the why eat it. that is what i dont like about food fast food places..they never look the same. ewww

  • Jarred .2019
    Jarred .2019   2 hours ago

    They actually listened! There’s now Mac n Cheetos!!!

  • 人可
    人可   3 hours ago

    I believe is sanga in Stralia~

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   11 hours ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   11 hours ago


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   11 hours ago


  • SpaceCatCan't
    SpaceCatCan't   12 hours ago

    All burger king is pretty much shit, so if all of it is never brought back, I cant blame you haha.No offense to BK lovers, but their burgers are dry and flavorless af now, i imagine the old stuff was pretty decent.

  • lightning20070
    lightning20070   15 hours ago

    the last thing you want in your burger king burger is someones foot fungus

  • Yella Dart
    Yella Dart   18 hours ago

    Hamburgers aren't called that because they have ham in them. They don't. They're named after Hamburg, Germany.

  • Lana chui
    Lana chui   19 hours ago

    they discontinued the mac and cheetoes?didn't they have that or something similar in burger king in 2017? I remember they some sort of cheetos I haven't gone there in a while though.

  • Riek Rik
    Riek Rik   19 hours ago

    They’ve done there history

  • Ashleigh Mccall
    Ashleigh Mccall   23 hours ago

    Fun fact they brung back the mac cheetos in canda in 2016 or 2017 :)

  • Kaptain Kmann
    Kaptain Kmann   23 hours ago

    whoever told them it was just like the kraft mac n cheese is out of their mind, it was more like that gross crap they pawn off grade school kids . it looks like almost white cheese with no taste and whatever they wrapped it in taste stale. if they bring it back that person should be fired .

  • Uranium 235
    Uranium 235   1 days ago

    I can't wait until the bulbous bouffants go out of style.

  • Drew Kirner
    Drew Kirner   1 days ago

    Happy National Fast Food Day, by the way.

  • Melissa Remley
    Melissa Remley   1 days ago

    The whopperito is the Burger King versión of Rhett’s shirt

  • Dashxe
    Dashxe   1 days ago

    10:28 No tomatoes on my taco no tomatoes!!

  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore   1 days ago

    Burger King has ham on the Fully Loaded breakfast sandwiches...

  • BlackPhoenix 640
    BlackPhoenix 640   1 days ago

    I remember AGP’s video on the Whopperito and he loved it. R.I.P. AGP 🙏

  • Andrea Teal
    Andrea Teal   1 days ago

    Do Australians call sandwiches "a sanger"? I wonder if this is the word Rhett was looking for.

  • AliWally exe ok
    AliWally exe ok   1 days ago


  • Snakeman 4949
    Snakeman 4949   1 days ago

    they should have done the A-1 burger and the mushroom swiss burger

  • CJ
    CJ   1 days ago

    All fast food companies should really sponsor GMM.

  • CJ
    CJ   1 days ago

    Where's the foot lettuce, like cmon they gotta bring that back in a commercial saying ''all out lettuce is foot lettuce!"'

  • CJ
    CJ   1 days ago

    They should've put pasta on the pizza burger and called it the spaghetti beef king

  • nizcomix
    nizcomix   1 days ago

    I memorized the lyrics For the macaroni commercial lol