• Published on: December 8 Agu 2018

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  • Runtime : 11.17


  • FBE
    FBE   4 months ago

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  • 23ko10
    23ko10   3 months ago

    College kids react to pantera

    DXAD BXNDZ   3 months ago

    I think she’s up next in the rap game

  • witch oncer
    witch oncer   3 months ago

    Teens react to la Rosa de Guadalupe 😂 pleaseeeeee 😂😂😂

  • Kkkk Bye
    Kkkk Bye   3 months ago

    4:33 her voice is very beautiful she almost sounds like billie

  • Andre Armen
    Andre Armen   3 months ago

    Guys do Teens react to Lil Baby 🔥

  • Lost_kane_
    Lost_kane_   3 months ago

    She reminds me of melanie martinz a lot

  • Waha
    Waha   3 months ago

    lyrics mediocre, voice mediocre. Honestly so overrated.

  • Pandaa
    Pandaa   3 months ago

    Old heads react to Playboi Carti

  • Pandaa
    Pandaa   3 months ago

    bruh at 2:16 really said “My Stummy Hurt”

  • Gaby Lopez
    Gaby Lopez   3 months ago

    Why does her voice remind me of Lana del Ray like the lyrics are so deep but the voice is so soft😻😻 I’m in love

  • Raven Soul
    Raven Soul   3 months ago

    Teens music taste dissapoint me. Seriously?

  • Jess Marsh
    Jess Marsh   3 months ago

    i will never hear bellyache without instantly hearing “my shtummy hurt” so thanks for that dude 😂

  • Aloha_Emiko
    Aloha_Emiko   3 months ago


  • Joanne Ibironke
    Joanne Ibironke   3 months ago

    I love her, I'm so glad they finally reacted to Billie Eilish.

  • Selene Young
    Selene Young   3 months ago

    I’m only eleven almost twelve and I can still relate to some of her music

  • haley monk
    haley monk   3 months ago

    lmfaoooo he said my stummy hurt lmfaoooo

  • Bean Boi
    Bean Boi   3 months ago


  • Banter pickles
    Banter pickles   3 months ago

    Scott disick isn’t a teen why is he in the video

  • tess Bel
    tess Bel   3 months ago

    I just ducking love billie eilish so much