• Published on: December 7 Okt 2018

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  • rigoberto Aguilar
    rigoberto Aguilar   2 hours ago

    I like the 3 brown puppies and I like when they play hide and seek

  • ღLing playzღ
    ღLing playzღ   4 hours ago

    I love all of the puppies!! especially the 1 that you called sloth xD

  • ADAM
    ADAM   9 hours ago

    Aaah 2:47

  • ShadowTubbie _YT
    ShadowTubbie _YT   12 hours ago

    You should have named brownie 2 : Brookie (if u dont know what a brookie is it's a brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough mix in with it to.)

  • Eric Salgado
    Eric Salgado   12 hours ago

    Marh mellow is soo cute the way she ran

  • Shoot
    Shoot   13 hours ago

    3:19 is the dog dab

    TCTHE KING   15 hours ago

    The Yorkipoo (my grandma has one)

  • Cathy Thao
    Cathy Thao   17 hours ago

    Brownie brownie2 and marshmallow

  • Cezary Buda
    Cezary Buda   20 hours ago

    My fav is brownie cookie and my most fav is brownie 2

  • Falak 1436
    Falak 1436   21 hours ago

    name one Twilight and one of them sparkle and one of them Laila and one of them Michelle and one of them Fluffy and One of them Ashley and one of Them DannieIla and one of them Falak

  • Phialouiesse Gamao
    Phialouiesse Gamao   1 days ago

    For me i gues all of them and i kind of like marshmellow 😆😆😆 but realy all of them are so cuteeeeeeeee !! Wait do know how to speak in tagalog like kamusta ka because thats my language