Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

  • Published on: December 7 Nov 2018

  • New England Head Coach, Bill Belichick, mic'd up vs. the Packers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season.Subscribe to NFL Films: out our other channels:NFL Network Rush #NFLFilms #Football #AmericanFootball
  • Runtime : 4.11


  • Cason Richter.
    Cason Richter.   2 hours ago

    Listen to him talk through the scenarios football is all about scenarios and getting your team into the right position at the right time . all time genius he’s the greatest coach of all time

  • Sideshow Bob
    Sideshow Bob   2 days ago

    He's been respected and great when he was an assistant with the Giants. No one better

  • canvas11xD
    canvas11xD   3 days ago

    Bill was about to rip Brady a new one. If he said he was throwing that ball to Edelman.

  • Dudemandudeman19
    Dudemandudeman19   4 days ago

    Rodgers at the end: "Dear God why can't I have you as my coach"

  • Ewan Farrell
    Ewan Farrell   6 days ago

    Can someone explain to me, a guy who is absolutely clueless about NFL, what he did with the flag & why he threw it?

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia   1 weeks ago

    It’s funny how if the patriots score a touchdown bill belecheck doesent care sorry if I didint spell his name right

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person   1 weeks ago

    AND I QUOTE “yeah he doesn’t really yell”-Tom Brady

  • jtwolf6
    jtwolf6   1 weeks ago

    If you close your eyes it sounds like Will Ferrel talking

  • Rob's random videos
    Rob's random videos   1 weeks ago

    Not a very big football fan so I haven't seen a lot of these mic'd up videos a lot but this one was pretty boring

  • Jordan Gross
    Jordan Gross   1 weeks ago

    He sounds nicer than people make him out to be

  • dumbzombie24
    dumbzombie24   1 weeks ago

    Why do I feel like he is a good self-talker... wait

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker   1 weeks ago

    Bill doesn't celebrate after touchdowns because he celebrates after the win :)

  • J V
    J V   1 weeks ago

    The sounds of a champion

  • Joe Winnenberg
    Joe Winnenberg   1 weeks ago

    I’m glad belicheck is goody goody with the refs smh

  • MrTehnoobshowfan
    MrTehnoobshowfan   1 weeks ago

    No no we go through this every week, if I wanted a timeout Id come over and take the timeout, this time i just came over and decided not to take it” hahahah

  • John Rolf
    John Rolf   1 weeks ago

    Listening to the officials try to justify their incompetence is both hilarious and sad. Hold those guys accountable...

  • tatesz
    tatesz   1 weeks ago

    1:44 being a referee is haaard man

  • xwr3ksh0px
    xwr3ksh0px   1 weeks ago

    This is like a “good” lip reading of Bill Belichick

  • Cameron Lounsbury
    Cameron Lounsbury   1 weeks ago

    Burst out laughing at Belichick's technique throwing the challenge flag.

  • Matt L
    Matt L   2 weeks ago


  • 1 Line
    1 Line   2 weeks ago

    Week 9impressive Win!9

  • 1 Line
    1 Line   2 weeks ago

    You Have A Extra Cigarette😤🚬

  • Jared Dent
    Jared Dent   3 weeks ago

    Bill said Aaron Rodgers is the best uh oh

  • Dustin Jeffrey Platt
    Dustin Jeffrey Platt   3 weeks ago

    2:39 That's the same sequence of expressions that Bill gave his wife when he was pounding her.Then gave her the 3:37 Good job, good job and the end. Shook her hand and then went to study the film.