Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

  • Published on: 09 August 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!

    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.

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  • Runtime : 6:11
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  • bahaa hameed
    bahaa hameed   9 minuts ago

    Dev 2d: note 9 "over rated !"Mkbhd: note 9 ! "Under rated..." ouch..

  • Anthony Paull
    Anthony Paull   1 hours ago

    Just upgraded my plan from my S8+ to the Note 9. Very pumped!

  • Make iT BiG
    Make iT BiG   1 hours ago

    I need your email. I have painted your picture

  • Deny Bluffer
    Deny Bluffer   2 hours ago

    Why dont you guys show us the stock walpapers and animation on lockscreen and Aod on Note 9? Are these things present or removed? Everyone shows same in review plz show in depth i luv infinity walpapers nd its efects on lockscreen and Aod thanks is this presentvin note 9 or not?

  • 7evend
    7evend   4 hours ago

    You didn't mention the stereo speakers

  • ChaosToTheEnd
    ChaosToTheEnd   4 hours ago

    But super capacitors aren’t batteries.They are capacitors, just more super

  • Michael Wallace
    Michael Wallace   5 hours ago

    Hey Marques, really curious to know your thoughts on screen protectors. Glass, plastic? Do you use them? Are they necessary?

  • Rich Gee
    Rich Gee   5 hours ago

    I'm sad that the black version doesn't have the yellow s-pen.

  • The B
    The B   6 hours ago

    512 GB is the way. Other company TAKE NOTE

  • Rawies Jurawan
    Rawies Jurawan   6 hours ago

    If that is zo damm good phone! Than use ist for a 1 year as your daily driver

  • Kunwar RajDev Singh
    Kunwar RajDev Singh   7 hours ago

    Hey MKBHD i m huge fan of your videos m from india your videos are my fav stuffs on youtube keep making cool stuff like this being a tech lover you just give a new wish list to every time i see your videos

  • Henrik Larsen
    Henrik Larsen   8 hours ago

    Wut? you don't even mention the stereo speakers never seen on notes before.

  • Jason Ryan
    Jason Ryan   9 hours ago

    Already on pre order. AT&T BOGO with free headphones for each phone.

  • LostWonGaming
    LostWonGaming   9 hours ago

    Not sure why no one has noticed or mentioned the fact that the Note 9 has larger bezels than the Note 8 and the S9 plus.

  • Eric N
    Eric N   10 hours ago

    "Assuming it doesn't explode." This line made me smile. +1

  • RojasTKD7
    RojasTKD7   11 hours ago

    I don't understand the it's the same as last year argument. Yeah it's a similar design to last years Note 8. So what, it a nice design. Other have given us newer designs this year and we've gotten notches and missing headphone jacks. Kudos to Samsung for not giving us a notch and sticking with the headphone jack. I just wish and hope we can get these devices for less than a $1000!

  • ♠Ripley♠
    ♠Ripley♠   11 hours ago

    My laste note was a note 3, so yea, it's a significant upgrade.

  • victor davou
    victor davou   11 hours ago

    Great Phone! Samsung has finally won the war.

  • Suleman Rahman
    Suleman Rahman   11 hours ago

    The only balanced review out there. Please do one for the new galaxy watch !!

  • Jame Smith
    Jame Smith   12 hours ago

    Absolutely my next phone switching from S7 Edge.

  • Edwin Gary
    Edwin Gary   13 hours ago

    I can't wait for the 24th to get my hands on the Note 9. I've been very happy with my Note 8 and the 9 is even more impressive.

  • wj P
    wj P   13 hours ago

    samsung fan boy , i would not advise anyone with a note 8 to upgrade to this phone ,

  • Karrar Haidar
    Karrar Haidar   13 hours ago

    I watched this video with my note 9 I am from Iraq and I get it yesterday after 6 days from the official announcement

  • tings
    tings   14 hours ago

    I’m sorry but that lavender colour is grim af 😩

  • Trollface
    Trollface   14 hours ago

    Can you log my epic games account so i can get the galaxy skin?😉🤔

  • A H
    A H   14 hours ago

    Get this or wait for a phone that supports 5G?