$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

  • Published on: December 7 Okt 2018

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  • Runtime : 19.14


  • icklenellierose
    icklenellierose   18 minuts ago

    Them: "tamago"my grown ass, decades after the toys were first a thing: "oh my god that's why they're called tamagotchis."

  • Albertus Stefan
    Albertus Stefan   1 hours ago

    0.56 when you realize there's background girl with umbrella, looked confused

  • Bianca B
    Bianca B   1 hours ago


  • keicrys
    keicrys   3 hours ago

    lmao whenever im sick i literally cannot stomach anything but eggs and noodles.

  • Riza hariati
    Riza hariati   6 hours ago

    "Dad, I want an egg!"...spent 5 years to get perfect eggs instead of going to the supermarket.

  • King Cigar
    King Cigar   8 hours ago

    He has a lot of pure love in his cooking all his foods you can see

  • stizan24
    stizan24   9 hours ago

    I’m not going to Japan anytime soon. I’m going to get some fried rice from the Chinese joint I go to, cook my own egg, and hit it with a demiglace I make from the broth left over from making 331 beefcheeks. If you never had them, they are awesome.

  • Snowman17
    Snowman17   11 hours ago

    I would pay big money to watch him prepare and serve my food

  • Virgo v
    Virgo v   11 hours ago

    STOP GOING TO JAPAN! I cant afford to go back and i sob in the corner every time i see these

  • Minguk Moon
    Minguk Moon   18 hours ago

    I really love Yukimura chef's enthusiasm!

  • huda potato
    huda potato   23 hours ago

    Malaysia eat alot of egg i know cause im from malaysia, but i dont really eat it that much idk why......my brother did tho

  • Clark Dy
    Clark Dy   1 days ago

    I hope you don't get salmonella from that last egg..

  • Pichi Peach
    Pichi Peach   1 days ago

    The first chef is like a Japanese Stan Lee (they sound the same)

  • Chantel
    Chantel   1 days ago

    can we appreciate how cute the chef (kichi kichi san)was !!

  • Nadiah Nordin
    Nadiah Nordin   1 days ago

    Wait, WHERE did they find the fact about Malaysia being a huge egg consumer? WHERE? I'm Malaysian and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!

  • Jazeel Gavrael
    Jazeel Gavrael   1 days ago

    Why didnt you guys do a worth it episode about milk

  • A ni
    A ni   1 days ago

    i wanna try the omurice so bad 😭

  • Edwin Zheng
    Edwin Zheng   1 days ago

    I thought he said, "Yukihura Motokichi"

  • HerMajesty101
    HerMajesty101   1 days ago

    Us filipinos put banana ketchup on every fried stuff tbh-

  • Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin   1 days ago

    Wait no one else puts ketchup on their rice?I do that every time I get fried eggs.Ps I’m chinese not Japanese

  • Teddy human! PLAYZ
    Teddy human! PLAYZ   1 days ago

    Who noticed that woman in the backround when they had the sandwiches XD

  • Jason Lai
    Jason Lai   1 days ago

    i frikin love tamago kake gohan

  • Johnny Kiehn
    Johnny Kiehn   1 days ago

    Kichi Kichi San is literally who I want to be someday

  • Insane Cupcake
    Insane Cupcake   1 days ago

    The Kichi Kichi chef (sorry if I spelt it wrong) just reminds me of J-Hope...it’s amazing

  • Lola Omyrt
    Lola Omyrt   2 days ago

    Adam is so precious Omg lol 18:16

  • Xeon
    Xeon   2 days ago

    18:42 Chef Kichi Kichi with a hat on will become a meme