I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  • *K A T E*
    *K A T E*   1 hours ago

    I got traumatised in primary school because whenever I would eat at school, kids would make fun of me because I was chubby. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and became skinny, I still can’t eat at school to this day. I’m in secondary school now (basically high school in England if you didn’t know)

  • Rudy Gomez
    Rudy Gomez   14 hours ago

    Those first five days were keto fever after that your fuller and the sickness

  • Danielle Gil
    Danielle Gil   1 days ago

    All your bad feelings were because you're addicted to sugar.I've been doing this Keto diet for three years and it makes me feel so good and Energy. Because I’m not addicted to sugar My tip for those who start Keto diet , to do it gradually and dishonestly and not lower all the sugar and carbohydrates because the body is used to it, and as soon as you lose everything quickly body crashes.

  • golden other
    golden other   1 days ago

    LOL why are you so dramatic? Do it right and those symptoms will be barely noticeable and when you adjust after a few days you feel better than ever.

  • Emilee Atwood
    Emilee Atwood   2 days ago

    I am soo proud of gabbie for making it 5 days and you shouldnt say sorry i love you gabbie

  • Freya Staples
    Freya Staples   2 days ago

    Just before this video and as for eating healthy came up. So ironic

  • 0Eternal Souls0
    0Eternal Souls0   3 days ago

    This diet is incredibly awful for you.Eat lots of fruit, which is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Eat some pasta, potatoes, beans, grains, and rice.

  • Colleen Kordzi
    Colleen Kordzi   3 days ago

    Girl you need to eat more fat!! That's why you were starving so bad!

  • alexa
    alexa   3 days ago

    while she does this im just laying in bed eating cherry cough drops, sick as frick.

  • SwaggerLeah21
    SwaggerLeah21   3 days ago

    My dad does a keto diet and I spent 3 months with him for the summer and I was FORCED to do the keto diet and what I did on the diet was eat a whole bunch of peanuts and yeah that’s what I ate the whole day but what I didn’t understand was that the keto diet is supposed to leave you not hungry like if I really wanted to I could only eat breakfast

  • sarah
    sarah   4 days ago

    I didn't know some people liked sweet potato and watermelon this much 😂 you're something else, even the food you crave is so unique lmaooo

  • Honestly the Holo Queen daoud

    I know people are saying that keto is amazing and you need to give it a fair chance but I did try it for about 2 months and I felt like shit the whole time. I couldn’t focus on anything because like Gabbie I got a massive migraine. I know people’s body react differently but my body didn’t react well. Gabbies body didn’t react well to this do.

  • Frankie Simpson
    Frankie Simpson   4 days ago

    My parents are on the keto diet and they lost forty kilos

  • Ashley Hendrix
    Ashley Hendrix   4 days ago

    I've been keto for almost 3 weeks and I never got any keto flu symptoms. Zero. I did get nausea when I added intermittent fasting. I lost 12lbs in those 3 weeks and I'm currently on week 4. I'm going to stick with it. Just know Eeeeeveryone is different so try it if you'd like. Only form an opinion after you have tried it. Don't take my word for it or hers ijs.

  • Slime Darling
    Slime Darling   5 days ago

    She can eat anything with the word berries like strawberries blueberries raspberries etc

  • Alexis Morales
    Alexis Morales   5 days ago

    clicks on to randomly try and give her another chance to just see she kida copied james' intro

  • Jose Luis Robles
    Jose Luis Robles   5 days ago

    Mexicans have thought about keto for years , they put fat in their beans because they knew if you put fat in your body you reprogram your body to burn fat instead of sugar

  • _Black Rose_
    _Black Rose_   5 days ago

    What I learned from this video Gabbie loves her sweet potato’s

  • Hannah Million
    Hannah Million   5 days ago

    you should have done your research on this. you were experiencing the keto flu. if you would have kept with it, you would have reached ketosis in about a week or two and you would have felt greater than you ever have. I really wish that you wouldn't have done this, because now everyone will believe that this diet is crap instead of something that helps you feel amazing, lose weight, and prevents/cures so many diseases like epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and so many more. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

  • Omar Batista
    Omar Batista   5 days ago

    It’s been a few months since I unsubscribed from Gabbie and it’s hard. I just couldn’t believe her behavior and misinformation with the snapchat rant and the video 🤧💆🏻‍♂️ I hope she does better

  • Omar Batista
    Omar Batista   5 days ago

    I think the not all diets fit all people is an excuse unless it has to do with a medical condition. Anyone can adapt to a diet if they do it the right way, meaning not going on it cold and following actual rules for what u can eat. 🤧 I’m a huge Gabbie fan but I’m not gonna make an excuse for her because she did this video wrong

  • Omar Batista
    Omar Batista   5 days ago

    I think people don’t understand that keto is a low carb low sugar diet not NO CARB NO SUGAR. And before someone says I’m talking about Dirty keto, dirty keto just implies fast food and processed foods that are keto, it doesn’t mean low carb low sugar, so anyone who says we’re changing the diet, that’s so insulting to me.

  • Abbie McComis
    Abbie McComis   5 days ago

    I have done the Keto diet for a year and it was fine, but Thanksgiving and Christmas were cheat days.

  • Raven Campbell
    Raven Campbell   6 days ago

    One of the biggest parts of doing Keto as a person who’s working out every day is that you’re still supposed to eat 4 times as many carbs as the regular Keto diet, roughly 20% of your calories still has to come from carbs if you’re working out a lot. Of course the idea is that there’s more fat and protein than carbs so the other 80% is that but it’s very dangerous to not work out without the substance that heals your muscles

  • Adrianna Marie Hornby

    I'm on the Keto diet. I have been for months and months now. I remember when I first started it with my sister and omg it was rough like you wouldn't believe. At first my sister and I cut down our servings of food and it was HARD I was so f-ing hungry and craving fatty food and sugar. At some point I got so hangry. Oh my lord. Lol I don't believe I got the Keto flu. My sister sure did. After awhile being on the Keto diet my sister and I did cheat a couple times. & she did tell me what could happen if you do cheat and what ya know it did happen. One day my sister and I had Burger King and afterwards it totally messed with our stomachs. We didn't feel good. But no matter what went back to the diet. Still continuing Keto. It is hard but not impossible.

  • Vansh Nayar
    Vansh Nayar   6 days ago

    Btw Gabbie outfit game on point and you’re body looks amazing #bodygoals and ur so pretty! ❤️❤️💕

  • Tracey Ela
    Tracey Ela   6 days ago

    "Food is JUST energy" GURRRLLLLL you could not be wronger than that. FOOD=HAPPINESS yes it is energy but DO NOT FORGET FOOD IS HAPPINESS. okay that was everything that i wanted to say.u can all now continue with your lives or watch her (Gabbie's) videos =)

  • Charlotte Hill
    Charlotte Hill   6 days ago

    I am on a modified keto diet so I have about 20 carbs and 5 sugar because I am 11