I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna   1 weeks ago

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

  • PGJournal
    PGJournal   14 minuts ago

    You should do more research, take some advice from people on keto in the comments and redo the experience. Plus like many have said you should do this for 2 weeks at least since the first week is your body transitioning to the ketons. It's very subjective due to lack of preparation put in the vid.

  • DOS
    DOS   28 minuts ago

    Try the NO eating diet works well, first 2-3 days maybe a bit rough but after that its all good apparently a guy did it for over 380 days lost 180 LB !

  • Grumpy in Brooklyn
    Grumpy in Brooklyn   31 minuts ago

    This is idiotic! Please do your research before making a full of yourself! All those "symptoms," are adaptation and lasts just days. You making it seem like they are permanent is not only wrong but irresponsible. BTW, keto is great for eliminating acid reflux, better than following the "guidelines" for GERD.

  • Shima Hamilton
    Shima Hamilton   34 minuts ago

    I did keto and it works for some people, i lost 10kg in a month doing this but my mum only lost like 5kg

  • Panini man
    Panini man   45 minuts ago

    Keto is an actually useful diet. You poorly researched on keto, you also changed your diet so quickly. It takes days to change your diet so dramatically. Ketosis trains your body to consume fat, it also is useful for epileptic people and you made it sound as if it was the worst thing ever. I’m kinda disappointed in this video in how inaccurate and how not researched it is.

  • tberrydacherryBOMB
    tberrydacherryBOMB   1 hours ago

    Keto isn’t good for you guys. The body isn’t designed to go through ketosis long term. Unless all of the commenters are dietitians or researchers, everyone needs to chill.

  • sunn_y
    sunn_y   1 hours ago

    my guess is that the people that do continue the diet long time struggle with malnourishment, dizziness, headaches, weak limbs and etc.and then it continues like that until their body goes into survival mode, it eats its self- it stores every little bit of fat it can harvest and only keeps small amounts- small enough that they only have enough to keep themselves awake, eating and all the necessities your body needs to remain alive. and there body becomes so use to it that when they eventually stop the diet the body doesn't understand what it needs to do with itself, its been storing fat for so long that it doesn't understand why there is 'loads' of fat coming in but in reality it is just the normal amount of fat you're meant to eat in a day. and then the body most likely begins to break down- there has been such a lack of everything the body needs to remain healthy it doesnt understand how to cope with the amount of food, fats, carbs and etc that are being loaded into the body and then it still can take up to who knows how long to heal.. for all we know it could take up to years!thankyou for reading this very long message..- s_nny xx

    CARRIGAN MANNING   2 hours ago

    There is Keto creamer for coffee my mom and dad are on it. You need to try couliflour mac and cheese

  • me at 3am
    me at 3am   3 hours ago

    I wouldn’t recommend working out everyday when you’re on a diet and you’re not eating ANY sugar. You’d be burning more calories that you’d need to help you get through the day.

  • Kimberly Allen
    Kimberly Allen   6 hours ago

    Girl, you were going through withdrawals. Sugar is literally equivalent to crack/cocaine in how our bodies react to not having it, esp of you're a sweets person. Same symptons addicts go through in rehab...seriously.

  • trina02
    trina02   6 hours ago

    this video sucks as much as your music

  • spaceandthewoods
    spaceandthewoods   7 hours ago

    People, please explain me what's wrong with that video because i want to do Keto but everyone writing that info with that video is bad

  • Elena ishere
    Elena ishere   8 hours ago

    I’m watching this while eating a hole bag of hot Cheetos...

  • K M
    K M   8 hours ago

    no one diet is for everyone. some need carbs and some dont, choose what's best for your body. also, no one should try a new diet at random, use a nutritionist who specializes in such diet, and make sure it will work for you and that is something you can follow long term.

  • Katelyn Williams
    Katelyn Williams   8 hours ago

    I just stared my own Keto journey and I’m glad I didn’t watch this first because our experience is so far from my own. There are sweetener options you can use to still get your sweet tooth cravings. I crave chocolate yeah I want bread yup. But you are suppose to have a lot more calories on Keto. On a normal diet, I’m suppose to eat 1000 to 1200 calerios to reach my goal, my Keto diet? Closer to 1400 - 1500. There’s apps that help you track and keep yourself on the right path. It’s not something I’d ever do without a helpful guide because you can do it wrong. First week is 100 percent the worst, i love ya Channel but don’t make others be afraid of something!

  • Presley Franssen
    Presley Franssen   8 hours ago

    I have done keto for 8 weeks and I have lost a lot and you should try it for longer because it is a great diet and you can eat a lot and not gain but actually lose. I eat 5 hamburger patties and a lot of cheese. Here Is what I eat in a day (can change from day to day) Breakfast:(same almost every day) 2-3 eggs with cheeseLunch:(also pretty consistent) chicken, 3-5 hard boiled eggs 2 cheeses and a cucumber or some sort of vegetable Dinner:(changes the most) but the things I eat the most is eggs chicken pastrami bacon lettuce After doing keto for a while it becomes habit and you don’t mind it as much and it just becomes your way of life tbhBTW I have really good self control but I just turned 13 like last week and my mom eats junk in front of me all the time. But if you have the munchies have sunflower seeds (still in shell) to help not eat out of boredom. Wow you read this far gold star for you. Lol but if any of you need help doing keto ( I have done it 8 weeks and have lost about 27-34 pounds and I barely work out) dm me on insta @presley.franssen No but you really get that gold star now⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • filmsbymichelle
    filmsbymichelle   9 hours ago

    why does literally everyone get so easily offended?! when did that become trendy?!

  • Sara Pawluk
    Sara Pawluk   9 hours ago

    I think you’re an A blood type like me because fruits, vegetables, and rice are usually best for them. Plus they tend to have sensitivities to cow diary and wheat. (Not sure if you are lactose or celiac) I’m also a bush thats LOVES a sweet Potato 🍠

  • Deja Bowers
    Deja Bowers   9 hours ago


  • Tania Pisa
    Tania Pisa   9 hours ago

    Life is way too short for Keto. 💖

  • Ab
    Ab   10 hours ago

    bytch eat the fcking sweet potato , dont die on us

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense   10 hours ago

    Lol!🤣🤣🤣That wasn't keto. What a bimbo!

  • chendoodles
    chendoodles   11 hours ago

    Because you didn’t do your research, you didn’t know you needed to supplement your electrolytes. That was most likely causing your migraines. So reckless to go into a diet and not do any research. I don’t even do keto but I at least researched it before deciding it wasn’t for me.

  • CurlyyyHeaddd.p
    CurlyyyHeaddd.p   11 hours ago

    Hey Gabbi I always wanted to know what would happen if you go 1 week without eating or drinking nothing except for water😂 , that will be a fun video to watch

  • Skylar Marie
    Skylar Marie   12 hours ago

    "I don't look up any symptoms or side effects" proceeds to talk about the "Keto Flu"

  • Gracie Lu
    Gracie Lu   12 hours ago

    I’m very interested in how “heathy” everyone says the Keto diet really is. However, I think body type has something to do with what you should and need to eat. A person like me, who wants to gain weight (muscle), needs to have certain things in my diet. And since my body type is ectomorphic (high metabolism, difficult to gain weight) so much of my diet would need to be carbohydrates it’s not funny. Ectomorphic body types would likely benefit more from a no-carb diet like keto, since it’s basically the opposite body type (and of course, people with certain health issues). I hate how everyone says Gabbie doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but I’m not entirely convinced everyone who attacks her knows the human body that well either, especially considering body types and body composition (which varies from person to person). Keto is not for everyone (I know it wouldn’t work for people like me). Either way, if the diet works for you, that’s awesome!

  • Kirista Ledom
    Kirista Ledom   12 hours ago

    Hi my name is Kirista and I have an addiction to potatoes 😂

  • Ally Gator
    Ally Gator   12 hours ago

    Lol at all the keto people freaking out in the comments. You like it? Good for you. It's not for everyone. And if you're so worried about the influence it may have on people, they shouldn't be basing their nutritional choices on a random YouTube video anyway. 🙄

  • Amber -Rose
    Amber -Rose   12 hours ago

    that was only one week im doing it right now and i fast antil 12 pm iv done keto 4 1 month and iv only lost 10 kgs ok cool poynt made...

  • Daniella Sofia
    Daniella Sofia   12 hours ago

    Does anyone notice one should is longer and lower than the other.. but ily

  • 1HM
    1HM   13 hours ago

    Keto is a LOW carb not a 0 carb it’s not good to have no carbs you need a little carbs everyday and watermelon is allowed on keto

  • Ashlyn Engleman
    Ashlyn Engleman   13 hours ago

    By the fourth day her face seemed to slowly start getting a bit more oily and seemed to start swelling (not too noticeable but enough to seem like it)