iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max - Which Should You Buy?

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • Tough Choice, iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs & Xs Max. Is iPhone Xs or Xs Max Worth The $250-350 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.

    iPhone Xs Features Review: https://youtu.be/WoZToDGaJsA
    iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/YDvG4tr_w_g
    iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/LuX5lROjL9k
  • Runtime : 10:13
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  • ttjoshtt
    ttjoshtt   9 hours ago

    3 ads in a 10 mins video no thank you

  • muhammed Faiz
    muhammed Faiz   9 hours ago

    how hide iphone Applications https://youtu.be/xK6L2Y8VuvU

  • Matteo Standaert
    Matteo Standaert   11 hours ago

    I have not so mutch speakers but i got also a iphone xs

  • Jie Song
    Jie Song   22 hours ago

    The iPhone XR is so damn cheap just like an iPhone 8! The iPhone XS is basically just a redesign from the iPhone 8.

  • Krishnan Ramaswamy
    Krishnan Ramaswamy   1 days ago

    whenever you say "this one" and that one I cannot keep track of which device you are referring to. I have to go back and see your left hand has the XR and Right hand has XS. Hmm, Maybe it is the other way? In the end, the summary makes up for it. Thanks for the review!

  • yeah right
    yeah right   1 days ago

    These phones are killing Apple. Wiped $150 billion US off the share value since they came out.

  • Aida 1
    Aida 1   1 days ago

    My wallet has left the chat.

  • Pop-tart Man
    Pop-tart Man   2 days ago

    My hands are huge for a 12 year old boy so imma just go on and buy the xs max

  • universe doge
    universe doge   2 days ago

    Nah I'm sticking with my iPhone 8 plus and then going back to android

  • DCON
    DCON   3 days ago

    TIP: When filing a review, refer to the devices by moel number instead of "this one" or "this one". This totally killed it for me. I was out after a few minutes.

  • TheChupacabra
    TheChupacabra   3 days ago

    iPhone with OLED is making people dizzy look it up.

  • Babys Best
    Babys Best   3 days ago


  • New Comment
    New Comment   3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the xr is ugly?

  • fara aziz
    fara aziz   3 days ago


  • agentice007
    agentice007   3 days ago

    Watch your eyes on the XS Max - it has PWM on the OLED screen - had to return mine with sore eyes from using it... Apple sadly using pulse width modulation (PWM) which makes your eyes tired/headaches...

  • The Coin King
    The Coin King   3 days ago

    Why doesn't still have a hair notch on screen still it's ugly as hell

  • HoldWholeTruthHoly
    HoldWholeTruthHoly   4 days ago

    When you're holding two iPhones X's, you can distinguish between the two by simply calling S and R instead of ten S and ten R. In fact , much of the time you said 'iphone ten S' and "iphone ten R' instead of just S and just R. No biggie but it's something to consider when you are doing a 10 minute, side-by-side comparison and you're going back and forth over 30 or 40 issues. I often got lost when you were calling them 'this one' and 'that one' when you and the phones are not even in the picture. When we can't see you, how do we know which is 'this' and which is 'that'? Some thing to think about. Thanks anyways

  • Gianni Giuseppe Beccalli

    Ciao, voglio un iPhone X rosso clone, mi vendi il tuo ???.Oppure mi dai address di chi lo vende.GrazieFelice vita e salute

  • Christian Leon
    Christian Leon   4 days ago

    I got the XR it’s amazing compared to the other iPhones its cheaper and has slightly better battery and speed.

  • shelbysknockin
    shelbysknockin   4 days ago

    I'm a die hard Android fan. And for the first time in my life I'm considering an iPhone. I'm super confused, I feel guilty. I have no idea where to begin. 🤦🤷

  • someasiangirl
    someasiangirl   5 days ago

    I have the XR and my friend has the Xs.... they like my phone more than there’s and honestly if you arent a tech geek the difference between the two doesn’t matter

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong   5 days ago

    Whenever I go to Apple: I'm here to look rich and spend money, and I'm all out of money.

  • Cloud Z
    Cloud Z   5 days ago

    Who else is watching this on a Samsung dish washer

  • Cloud Z
    Cloud Z   5 days ago

    But my toaster can make toast but this phone can’t so Toaster it is then

  • Javed Kotla
    Javed Kotla   5 days ago

    Samsung makes much better phones than Apple and much cheaper. Why I bought XR b/iPhone are good resale value over Samsung

  • Javed Kotla
    Javed Kotla   5 days ago

    I bought XR. That 250$ I buy my children tablets 😀

  • Lola Pierre
    Lola Pierre   5 days ago

    I can't afford any of these If someone going to change they phone let me know I want a free phone

  • Bayrem
    Bayrem   5 days ago

    My garbage is full of iphones