The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow

  • Published on: December 8 Agu 2018

  • Neon is fading.Follow Johnny on Instagram: the Vox Borders watch page: original music by Tom Fox: neon culture through this local museum project: Wu started making neon signs in the ’80s and has been filling Hong Kong’s streets with bright neon signs ever since. But recently, Master Wu has seen his business slow down as brighter-burning and more energy-efficient LED signs emerge. In addition to getting fewer requests, Hong Kong’s iconic neon landscape is also losing thousands of signs per year, ushering in the end of the city’s neon era. As Hong Kong’s neon lights start to fade, I spent some time with Master Wu at his neon shop, where he showed me how he makes neon signs, and took a look at Hong Kong’s changing cityscape.Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. For more, visit our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:
  • Runtime : 5.48


  • Vox
    Vox   4 months ago

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  • Rather-B-Diving
    Rather-B-Diving   1 weeks ago

    So sad to see the end of such a visually symbolic era...sort of like bull fighting in parts of Spain. But the arguments against it are pretty valid as @Adora Tsang mentioned. Clearly the business interests were given more priority than quality of life with no downtown to escape from. I just ordered a neon Hand Made Dumpling Sign on Ebay for my living Room so neon can live on in spirit and trade without affecting anyone else.

  • JH.Light
    JH.Light   1 weeks ago

    Why your video SOOOO GOOD! Thanks for your video!

  • gepoepd
    gepoepd   1 weeks ago


  • duokvalgyt
    duokvalgyt   2 weeks ago

    The editing in this series, especially this video is incredible! Not even mentioning the quality of the content! I really hope VOX gave this guy a raise!

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones   2 weeks ago

    I liked the more serious topics you seemed to tackle in season one... Budget cut for this season? I am disappointed in all of the HK stories in a row. Still a good show but noticeable drop off from last year.

  • Peter Greve
    Peter Greve   2 weeks ago

    lol just pull a Germany and subsidize them shits

  • Ki Rex
    Ki Rex   2 weeks ago

    Neon somehow looks better than LED

  • Amer Raz
    Amer Raz   3 weeks ago

    FFS Johnny every Vox's Border intro is so good I aspire to be an editor !PS: Keep up the show or else...

  • Noe
    Noe   3 weeks ago

    love the vox opening

  • over00lord Unknown
    over00lord Unknown   4 weeks ago

    I wish that I could go back to a time where Neon signs lit up the night sky, and just walk around marveling at them with friends... I was unfortunately born too late to experience such a thing...

  • 1234
    1234   1 months ago

    As a Torontonian I think I'd be driven insane by all that bright artificial lighting at night and so much of it too

  • shai pasasadaba
    shai pasasadaba   1 months ago

    Neon lights are a classic in hongkong in my opinion

  • Kawaii_gamer Gamer
    Kawaii_gamer Gamer   1 months ago

    I have went to Hong Kong 5 times in my life time and I’m only 10 and yup the neon lights is iconic in Hong Kong and snap a pic for now and it’s good for pictures and for aesthetic purposes so u can post a pic for insta or two

  • John Wong
    John Wong   1 months ago

    Neon light has big maintenance cost, it wills break easy. and it works in high voltage. consume huge power.

  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack   1 months ago

    “Visual culture” god I’ve never heard something more pretentious

  • FaceAche
    FaceAche   1 months ago

    Hong Kong???What about las vegas???🤔

  • FaceAche
    FaceAche   1 months ago

    The world is not what it used to be,charles..

  • Kevin Mai
    Kevin Mai   1 months ago

    imagine letting master who watercool your pc

  • Derek Liu
    Derek Liu   1 months ago

    Lmao sucks for him another example or product development and the disruption of an industry. You just gotta adapt

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66   1 months ago

    I must say, Hong Kong is a fascinating city

  • Jason Leung
    Jason Leung   2 months ago

    Nice to know my hometown inspired the aesthetics of Cyberpunk and other sci-fi subcultures, gotta love that aesthetic.

  • kolorish
    kolorish   2 months ago

    1:10 someone knows where the red sign is located?

  • Tactical Player
    Tactical Player   2 months ago

    Ok vox but should I chose neon or led kit for a car?

  • A Shizuoka
    A Shizuoka   2 months ago

    This series is alright, but I hate the walking and talking shots. Where is he even supposed to be going?? What are you in such a hurry for???

  • OrionSentry
    OrionSentry   2 months ago

    Hong Kong would be a great city , if it weren't for those Super Rude Hong Kong People.Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong

  • Howell Wang
    Howell Wang   2 months ago


  • Thomas TubeHD
    Thomas TubeHD   2 months ago

    Am I the only one who can understand Cantonese