Ariana Grande - thank u, next (lyric video)

  • Published on: 06 November 2018

    Director: Chris Shelley @Create
    Editor: Remington Franklin
    Producer: Light Switch Digital
  • Runtime : 3:28


  • XxC_jennifer_CxX
    XxC_jennifer_CxX   3 minuts ago

    does anyone know if this is on soundcloud, without getting the premium sc?

  • ReAldi
    ReAldi   10 minuts ago

    Stream "LM5" by Little Mix. Thank u

  • Banu Dünyasi
    Banu Dünyasi   12 minuts ago

    My favourite singers is Ariana Grande she is my 💓 💓💓💓

  • Sarah Coan
    Sarah Coan   13 minuts ago

    The font and kisses look like the burn book from mean girls

  • Banu Dünyasi
    Banu Dünyasi   14 minuts ago

    She is very beaitiful girl and very sweet 💓

  • Lisett Goennenwein
    Lisett Goennenwein   18 minuts ago

    my life in a nutshell. thank you, Ari . Thank you next. that's me. what a fantastic song.

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen   20 minuts ago

    ”I’ve Loved and I’ve lost.”

  • imaniwhispersASMR
    imaniwhispersASMR   20 minuts ago

    some people will only come into your life to teach you what love is not. & when that time comes i hope you know when to walk away ~ f.e. marie

  • ام الزوز
    ام الزوز   21 minuts ago

    اكو عرب بالفيديو؟(:💪.....@alzii0

  • Esme Mora
    Esme Mora   21 minuts ago

    Whos legit addicted to this song now No just me....ok

  • Yameen Asif
    Yameen Asif   22 minuts ago

    Them 15k dislikes are from the fans of Ariana's ex's

  • Maya Ash
    Maya Ash   37 minuts ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that parts of this song sound like piggyback

  • clasch clip
    clasch clip   43 minuts ago

    The line she sings about mac is Killing me

  • F W
    F W   45 minuts ago

    Cried through it all because Malcolm wasn’t an angel only for his girl we miss him:’( Ari’s so strong though

  • Mhyz_deejerh
    Mhyz_deejerh   47 minuts ago

    Best song everrrr❤🌹💫🥀😍😘😻💕💞💖💝💘

  • Hazel Cohen
    Hazel Cohen   47 minuts ago

    Bet they play that in auditions ALL the time...

  • Jaime Coleman
    Jaime Coleman   52 minuts ago

    when she said "songs about Ricky" my brother names was Ricky and he passed away :( (im on my moms account)

  • Irani Chakraborty
    Irani Chakraborty   54 minuts ago

    Wish I could say thank you to malcolm cause he was an angle 😢😢😭😭

  • Its Me Venus 29
    Its Me Venus 29   55 minuts ago

    Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm because he was an angel😖😢

  • Ed Taylor MUSIC
    Ed Taylor MUSIC   1 hours ago

    I'm totally happy that you gained your first number one single, Ari! That's amazing! When I checked Billboard Hot 100, your Thank You, Next was on the top! It's still on top! Forever for your fans!!! Love it

  • _Rahmano _
    _Rahmano _   1 hours ago

    Does anyone take this song to forget their ex, bcs I dont know how to feel and I have nvr been in a relationship before

  • Sukaina Alshakhas
    Sukaina Alshakhas   1 hours ago

    Everyone I introduce to you the next Taylor swift (in a good way)❤️❤️