Blind Pickle Taste Test

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
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    What happens when you pickle a cucumber in more than just brine? Today we're blindly tasting mystery pickles to find out. GMM #1378
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  • Runtime : 13:30
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  • Dead GamerX21
    Dead GamerX21   1 hours ago

    The one time I watch one of your videos with my headphones off... “PUT THE PICKLE, IN YOUR MOUTH!!” 😂😂

  • Erin Pilgrim
    Erin Pilgrim   2 hours ago

    It smells like a school boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kiggles
    Kiggles   4 hours ago

    anyone else sad they said they don't hang out outside of the show? :(

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic   8 hours ago

    this dickle smells like a schoolboy

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G   10 hours ago

    What is the last pickle thing?

  • Random Boy
    Random Boy   12 hours ago

    6:14 Root beer is now notified as wrinkle. Shhhh...... its classified information.

  • Mr. Miracle
    Mr. Miracle   12 hours ago

    Rhett just admitted they dont hangout anymore

  • Baylor Wilson
    Baylor Wilson   13 hours ago

    Omg I luv u guys lol the hint is it's a dickle

  • lil tweek
    lil tweek   13 hours ago

    MMM smells like a schoolboy !

  • Kale Ling
    Kale Ling   1 days ago

    “Take this back to your lair where you invent these crazy, (evil), insane, offensive concepts!”Link and Rhett 2018🤣🤣🤣

  • Emelie Bergström
    Emelie Bergström   1 days ago

    Surströmming is a Swedish thing and Im Swedish, I´ve never felt the smell of it but It´s still hilarious watching other people doing it

  • Desirée Vega
    Desirée Vega   1 days ago

    "Dickle""Flesh pickle""Smells like a school boy"LMAO Link, just stoooooop (or don't)

  • Venom 24
    Venom 24   1 days ago

    Listen to 10:43 with your eyes closed

  • mat suni
    mat suni   2 days ago

    5:47 pretty sure Rhett can roll a beezy

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H   2 days ago

    Brad Leone would have been awesome for this episode! I have been watching so much BA 🙈😂

  • Yeet
    Yeet   2 days ago

    “it smells like a school boy” i’m dead

  • Peter Trast
    Peter Trast   2 days ago

    Reverse idea on the title: Pickle shampoo (will it shampoo?)

  • Ashley Valentine
    Ashley Valentine   2 days ago

    When the root beer animation showed up all I could think of is the SpongeBob episode where Plankton meets his cousins and they all yell, "ROOT BEER?"Also I wouldn't say, "school boy pickle." 😂😂

  • Jessica Schmidt
    Jessica Schmidt   2 days ago

    It's a dickle! It's a pink pickle! It smells like a schoolboy...

  • Kr43he
    Kr43he   2 days ago

    "Josh take it! take it back to your lair, where you invent these crazy, stupid, insane, offensive concepts!"... "was it good though? " Josh is the best xD