Taking my cats for a walk

  • Published on: December 5 Nov 2018

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  • Runtime : 6.48


  • JunsKitchen
    JunsKitchen   2 months ago

    Thanks to all of you my channel is almost reaching 3 million subscribers! I wanted to make a non-cooking video for my almost 3 million subscriber celebration so I took my cats for a walk. I hope you enjoy it! :) 皆様のおかげで登録者が300万人近くにもなりました。本当にありがとうございます。前々から料理以外の動画を投稿したかったので、気が早いですが今回はその記念にこの様な動画を投稿いたしました。いつもご視聴、ありがとうございます!^^

  • adminme
    adminme   11 hours ago

    I tried to walk my cat too... he stopped at EVERY SINGLE thing ever, and spent 5 minutes smelling each thing. To make sure the walk is safe, i put a collar and a harness on him. But holy, he managed to wiggle free and scared me to death. So now he's 100% indoor

  • Hyder pasha
    Hyder pasha   20 hours ago

    Can anyone please tell me which breed is this??

  • mal heith
    mal heith   1 days ago

    سبحان الله العظيم !ما أروع خلقه ❤🍀🌷🌹

  • I.F. Zhong
    I.F. Zhong   1 days ago

    I would love to see more of these videos of you guys and the cats!! Jun is so comfortable and relaxed with the cats and they feel the same way!! This is so much nicer than "funny cat compilation". please post more of this content!! You guys are great! I hope you have a lovely day. 💖💖🐈

  • Nishanth Rao
    Nishanth Rao   1 days ago

    I subscribed to your channel because of your cats

  • _로로
    _로로   1 days ago

    5:37 나기 너무 예쁘다ㅠㅠㅠ 완전 영상화보네😻

  • M1hne4
    M1hne4   1 days ago

    why are your cats smarter than me?

  • Dirt Squirrel
    Dirt Squirrel   1 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like Haku and Nagi gunna drop the sickest track to hit Japan.

  • Tania Marais
    Tania Marais   1 days ago

    Your cats are the most well behaved cats in the universe. Like my cats free roam, indoors and outdoors. They will come when I call them, or follow me around. But you'd think that your cats would be terrified and run away as soon as they get the chance. But no, they're just chilling and happy.

  • Ryan Stewart
    Ryan Stewart   2 days ago

    Wth why did this pop in my feed what did I just watch 😂

  • starlightkisu
    starlightkisu   2 days ago

    my daughter uses our backpack cat carry case and he loves it. she's been to the park on the swings with him in it. and it looks out the big bubble hole.

  • Goescrazyonitx
    Goescrazyonitx   2 days ago

    What breed are your cats? They are so beautiful and calm🥰

  • Almie Ladaran
    Almie Ladaran   2 days ago

    😍😍😍 gosh I'm inlove with your cats but more inlove with the place , so lovely .. so calming .. i bet the smell is good too .. smell of nature ..

  • Erna Khaira
    Erna Khaira   3 days ago

    Awww Kitty!! You have a kind and handsome daddy!! Mommy, do show up too!

  • Denise Ang
    Denise Ang   3 days ago

    Ohhhh he loves the outdoors ❤️

  • NaruYuuki
    NaruYuuki   3 days ago

    Jun loves his cats so much that I wann cry with joy. They are so beautifull. I'm really a super fan of Haku (Nagi and Poki too of course <3 )

  • xovertime
    xovertime   3 days ago

    I just have to say that this was amazing. So relaxing. Also, be careful with those skinny leashes. They can easily break in half.

  • tara
    tara   4 days ago

    suuuuuu cute omg ! <3