• Published on: 12 September 2018
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    Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller

    Music video directed by Jared Hogan
    Edited by Miles Trahan

    Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
    Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
    Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
    Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
    Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
    Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
    Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven



    88 is double happiness
  • Runtime : 3:38
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    WORLD PEACE   25 seconds ago

    don't want a friend (Just one more night)I want my life in two (My life in two)Please one more nightWaiting to get thereWaiting for you (Waiting for you)Just one more nightI'm done fighting all night[Pre-Chorus 1]When I'm around slow dancing in the darkDon't follow me, you'll end up in my armsYou done made up your mindI don't need no more signsCan you?Can you?[Chorus]Give me reasons we should be completeYou should be with him, I can't competeYou looked at me like I was someone else, oh wellCan't you see? (Can't you see?)I don't wanna slow dance (I don't wanna slow dance)In the dark, dark[Verse 2]When you gotta runJust hear my voice in you (My voice in you)Shutting me out you (Shutting me out)Doing so great (So great, so great)You

  • Trace Moore
    Trace Moore   6 minuts ago

    this has got me in my feels so much rn

  • Shalonda bell-clark
    Shalonda bell-clark   37 minuts ago

    This is so good 😥😥😥 I fucking love when he did his pink guy shit too👌he a real one

  • Brian Dizano
    Brian Dizano   2 hours ago

    i hope you sing this song with pink spandex

  • JayLegend
    JayLegend   2 hours ago

    Someone hurt our Papa. They made him no longer filthy...

  • MabiVsGames
    MabiVsGames   3 hours ago

    Holy shit. I thought everyone in the comment section was trolling when they said this was "Filthy Frank" I looked it up and holy shit my mind is blown. This is overwhelmingly great music!

  • doublahh
    doublahh   3 hours ago

    I'm not quite sure what the hell I just watched but "Me Like lot!"

  • MabiVsGamesVOD
    MabiVsGamesVOD   4 hours ago

    Holy shit I thought everyone in the comment section was trolling that this was "Filthy Frank" I looked it up and now my mind is fucking blown. O_O'

  • bryan garcia
    bryan garcia   4 hours ago

    Is he going on tour in japan? Cause im afraid people there will remember joji as pink man lol

  • Tomek
    Tomek   5 hours ago 😶

  • Salmon
    Salmon   5 hours ago

    i cant take this seriously all im thinking about right now is pink guy

  • Elijah Miles Erat
    Elijah Miles Erat   6 hours ago

    He made a lot of people laugh and he also made alot of people get high with his beautiful music. FilthyJoji

  • vDayy
    vDayy   7 hours ago

    Who else came here from steezos mixtape

  • DUD ox
    DUD ox   7 hours ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Hunter m
    Hunter m   8 hours ago

    Joji the type of music you blast in the shower

  • Donovan O'Farrell
    Donovan O'Farrell   8 hours ago

    This is why I love Joji, he takes a look at an industry made up of ego, and shows himself in a position of weakness rather than pulling up in an expensive car with a chick on his arm. This is a true alpha, ladies and gentleman. Joji will steal your bitch in a goddamn Guy Fieri costume.

  • NoveRobby
    NoveRobby   8 hours ago

    5 minutes ago i watch this guy eating Human hair cake

  • Tackle Fishing
    Tackle Fishing   9 hours ago

    1 month from now everyone will know this song 😤

  • SolomonEI
    SolomonEI   9 hours ago

    This man has now made me cry from laughter and cry from sadness.