• Published on: 12 September 2018

    Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller

    BALLADS 1 coming soon. #BALLADS1

    Music video directed by Jared Hogan
    Edited by Miles Trahan

    See Joji at the 88rising Head In The Clouds music festival and 88 Degrees & Rising tour this Fall.

    88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
    September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park

    88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour



    88 is double happiness
  • Runtime : 3:38
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  • Licitt
    Licitt   27 seconds ago

    Yooo I love the lighting in this video more then the track, it looks AMAZING

  • MANIAC 77
    MANIAC 77   1 minuts ago

    Last time I saw him do weird stuff and now he produce a good music. Even though I missed filthy frank but joji is alright too

  • Calyssa Clark
    Calyssa Clark   1 minuts ago

    This video has over 12 mil views and half of them are me

  • Gae.
    Gae.   14 minuts ago

    People be saying he’s about to blow up, bruh we in the middle of Yellowstone erupting rn

  • 오준석
    오준석   19 minuts ago

    playing this in 240p gives it a much better feeling to it. Try!

    LEIEJ   23 minuts ago

    I want to see how fifty frank would reach to this.

  • r v c k
    r v c k   27 minuts ago

    Heb u seen an alien b0s$

  • Furious D
    Furious D   33 minuts ago

    I know you're still in there Papa Franku , we still love Joji though.

  • lyfsucks
    lyfsucks   41 minuts ago

    George quit cigarettes right now

  • Jake
    Jake   42 minuts ago

    It’s good he still has that pink guy body accent

  • Tezra DMar
    Tezra DMar   48 minuts ago

    This song is the only thing helping me deal with the fact that the girl I'm in love with has a crush on my best friend...

  • sir ruslan
    sir ruslan   51 minuts ago

    Love this song vibe..romantic sad dark depressing kinda mood..need more of this kind !

  • Ruben Pereira
    Ruben Pereira   57 minuts ago

    I like these types of slow melancholic songs. Can anyone suggest more of such songs?

  • Delilah Thorn
    Delilah Thorn   1 hours ago

    “Give me reasons we should be complete” 😭😢😢 killed my soul with that.

  • Tealbot
    Tealbot   1 hours ago

    This shit is my favorite yet.

  • Domino Phantom
    Domino Phantom   1 hours ago

    After hearing the slowed version for so long this sounds too fast

  • Peter Alves
    Peter Alves   1 hours ago

    This isn’t filthy frank. This is Final Frank

  • teethdesign
    teethdesign   1 hours ago

    Can We Take The Time To Understand Why He Is Wearing A White Blazer, Horse Legs And Have A Arrow In His Back?

  • Captive
    Captive   1 hours ago

    I just love George in all his rules. I just love him preparing dead rats as a meal to a midget, like I love him as serious artist joji ❤️❤️❤️

  • Archer _Sterl1ng
    Archer _Sterl1ng   1 hours ago

    I literally play this first every time i start my car. Even if I'm just getting gas after playing it, I crank up the car and start the song over. Idk why. Been about a week now. Good song.