Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • Jimmy gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to react to some popular Harry Potter memes, and The Lifespan of a Fact star reveals how he's going to manage Fantasy football leagues while doing Sunday performances on Broadway.

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    Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

  • Runtime : 6:28
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  • laoup26
    laoup26   2 minuts ago

    He comes for a play, he's getting Harry Potter jokes.Rude. That's an artist, not Harry Potter.

  • Mate Ya Mad?
    Mate Ya Mad?   1 hours ago

    He'd make a good Sherlock Holmes when he's a bit older, nailing the accent.

  • Vi R
    Vi R   8 hours ago

    That snitch one is golden

  • Its Wolfie
    Its Wolfie   10 hours ago

    did anyone want potter and malfoy to fall in love? ...no...just me? Okay.

  • Kiara Thompson
    Kiara Thompson   15 hours ago

    That snitch one in the thumbnail was hilarious 😂 I can’t watch the whole video right now. I really wish I could be in a Harry Potter film or get to live in the actual world of Harry Potter and get to be a character, but neither of those things can actually happen of course 😩

  • Maya Hughes
    Maya Hughes   20 hours ago

    This is a conversation between Sirius and VoldemortVoldemort: Why so serious?? Sirius: Why so nosy??!!Voldemort: silent cries

  • Figs3
    Figs3   20 hours ago

    I'll be honest part or me has always felt bad for Daniel. Harry Potter was apart of mine and countless people's childhoods. But even when he tries to break off from that, that's all people ask him. Like the cast of friends when they're trying to promote a movie or show all they want to talk about is the show. Typecasting can really suck.

  • Grace Ketland
    Grace Ketland   21 hours ago

    Who else at 0:18 was like: "but ur a seeker!!!"

  • Caroline Røedvang
    Caroline Røedvang   23 hours ago

    "We have to remake everything into a musical"cough cough A Very Potter Musical cough

  • Marko Becić
    Marko Becić   23 hours ago

    My gynecologist said I can't have sex for 3 weeks...What did your dentist said? My dick is only 3 inchesThat's not very---From the ground... I know they old as fuck, but they're gooood :D

  • Isaac Bz
    Isaac Bz   1 days ago

    Was hoping it wasn't going to be cringy

  • Flower Pie
    Flower Pie   1 days ago

    Danial will always be Harry to me I DONT CARE what show be starred in Harry Potter he is to me AND THAT IS TO THE REST OF PPLWHO WORKED IN HARRY POTTER you will be called by your movie name

  • khadija moussa
    khadija moussa   2 days ago

    What the f**K man I did not know that denial ramsy was Harry Potter

  • Iorek Byrnison
    Iorek Byrnison   2 days ago

    “Need to remake these as a musical” A Very Potter Musical! A Very Potter Sequel! A Very Potter Senior Year! STARKID BEAT YOU TO IT!!

  • MegasXLR
    MegasXLR   2 days ago

    He'll always remain Harry Potter lol

  • Wayne Pitman
    Wayne Pitman   2 days ago

    I wonder if his cupboard is under the stairs....

  • Wolfsbane Rose
    Wolfsbane Rose   2 days ago

    “There’s like a little cupboard that I go into”Who’s running these damn plays, the Dursleys?!

  • Kelsie Marlow
    Kelsie Marlow   2 days ago

    The best meme isQuriel: TROLL IN THE DUNGEONDumbledor: Don’t worry. The teachers will lead you to your demoritorys. We’ll keep the troll in the dungeon for now.Draco: BUT HEADMASTER!!! THE SLYTHERIN DEMORITORY IS IN THE DUNGEON!!!!Dumbledor: OMG DRACO! You act like I even care!(Sry for speling)

  • Austin Ashby
    Austin Ashby   2 days ago

    Here’s one of my ownHarry:*faints at dementor bogart*Harry:Sorry professor, I just couldn’t handle it Lupin: That’s ok, I didn’t expecto a patronumHarry:*points wand at head* AVADA KEVADRA

  • sehun ft Dean
    sehun ft Dean   3 days ago

    I thought this is from 2013 or something noticing the memes then i checked the date smh

  • saints986
    saints986   3 days ago

    gotta show him the shit memes

  • AllNintendo
    AllNintendo   3 days ago

    I half expected some harry potter hentai

  • Jude Radford
    Jude Radford   3 days ago

    I’m sorry, I just hear Harry Potter, not Daniel.

  • Bobby Firmino
    Bobby Firmino   3 days ago

    The Best One I Have Seen Was:Voldemort: So I Just Have To Lie?Pinoccio: Yeah😂😂 get it? Voldemorts nose