Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

  • Published on: 05 November 2018
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  • Runtime : 12:23
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  • Jaslene Bonilla
    Jaslene Bonilla   47 minuts ago

    I'm a Virgo and my dessert was the magic chocolate balls I love mythical stuff

  • TealFox
    TealFox   2 hours ago

    I’m a cancer but I’m allergic to peanut butterEdit: I would personally want Leo’s dessert but maybe it’s because I was born on the 22nd (almost a Leo)

  • Elba Marín
    Elba Marín   3 hours ago

    I guess my horoscope is wrong as always... I don't like piña colada cupcakes 😑

  • Cristina Arias
    Cristina Arias   3 hours ago

    Saving Pisces for last because were fucking patient ass people lol love this vid btw

  • babygrowl 10
    babygrowl 10   5 hours ago

    I don't have a zodiac sign? My birthday is 23 October 😂😂 XD

  • Ayisha Saeed
    Ayisha Saeed   6 hours ago

    I'm an aries, and not at all impressed with the desert

  • Raevus 89
    Raevus 89   6 hours ago

    I’m a Cancer & I do like peanut butter but in small amounts. There is no way I am eating that much peanut butter.

  • Alice SAN
    Alice SAN   6 hours ago

    I’m Aries but i’m more a fan of Leo

  • marg x
    marg x   6 hours ago

    I'm a gemini and i'd rather die then

  • Daughter_of _Elysium
    Daughter_of _Elysium   6 hours ago

    From now on, I am eating with people who are born Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn 😊🍓🍫☕🍹

  • Daughter_of _Elysium
    Daughter_of _Elysium   6 hours ago

    1:44 I would never, ever eat that in my God-damn life. I know other Taurus May (get it?) like lemon, don't I don't.

  • Marija Poučki
    Marija Poučki   6 hours ago

    When you are a nail biter and even the thought of squeezing lemons gives you nightmares

  • baking pancakes
    baking pancakes   7 hours ago

    I'm a libra, and I liked everything else except the libra one. I hate pina colada!!!!

  • lulu love
    lulu love   7 hours ago

    I got 80% of the people I was just commenting about how everyone is getting angry about their zodiac signs

  • Kiana
    Kiana   8 hours ago

    Because I’m a cancerDo we really need the peanut butter I’m not allergic, I just don’t like it

  • Izzy Aduana
    Izzy Aduana   8 hours ago

    my sister is a virgo but too bad for her she have allergies on sugar 😂

  • di oz
    di oz   8 hours ago

    did they just fried an oreo o-O ummmm no thanks

  • No Face Jeong
    No Face Jeong   8 hours ago

    im a leo, you know me so well...but i aint social and never will be XD

  • jamellah
    jamellah   8 hours ago

    i’m a sagittarius and there is no way i’d be eating deep fried fruitsthe rest is relevant

  • Heavelon
    Heavelon   9 hours ago

    I'm a Gemini and i can't believe the complaining from other Geminis about the dessert, fruit is so good for you plus delicious. Personally, I LOVE fruit. But i can understand if u peeps are allergic, thats just something you cant help.

  • Anissa Lingley
    Anissa Lingley   9 hours ago

    As a Taurus, if my dessert does not have anything to do with chocolate, It is not my dessert! ×)

  • Herobrine Gamer01o
    Herobrine Gamer01o   9 hours ago

    How can i know my zodiac signEdit: if it depends on my birth then im an aquarius-quirky__experimental-intellectual

  • Urja and bts
    Urja and bts   10 hours ago

    I am a cancer and when I hear my friends talking about their crushes it feels like I want to vomit😷

  • Kuma - chan
    Kuma - chan   10 hours ago

    Well.. I'm a bit disappointed. Cake pops are disgusting. For this Virgo. That's a no go. Maybe some other Virgo likes that though. We should really ask Jenna Marbles.

  • Nia
    Nia   10 hours ago

    Inner Capricorn- Oh Hell No. We're more of a peanuts and chocolate candy, banana bread anything, pumpkin baked goods type, Caps, am I wrong??

  • Cali B
    Cali B   11 hours ago

    Husband is a Pisces and his favorite dessert is crunchy merengue with sweet cream and raspberry sauce. I'm a Leo and my favorite dessert is butter pecan ice cream with whipped cream. This is according to what?