Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.

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  • Runtime : 8:7
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  • the Trayne
    the Trayne   1 hours ago

    lol tyson thinks ONLY NASA can track any "space junk". he thinks our military cant do it?? what a maroon!!!! really, its just another excuse for nasa trying to make it so NO ONE CAN GO TO SPACE BUT NASA. JUST LIKE ANTARTICA, THE PEOPLE IN THE TREATY ARE THE FREEMASONIC U.N, and you cannot go to antartica ( or south of 60 deg lat) except for their public dog walking park unless all 105 freemasonic un members approve. hahahaa. did you know admiral byrd established freemasonic lodge 777 there in 1958, thats why the freemasons can just go there like kerry, obummer, and their ilk. nice freemasonic vest, tyson.

  • Kade Marsili
    Kade Marsili   5 hours ago

    Okay does anyone know the song the band is playing from 0:13 to 0:34 ? Random question but it's killing me because I know it and can't place it.

  • James Woods
    James Woods   12 hours ago

    Cool guy, kinda looks like Mr Potato from Toy Story.

  • Alexander Theompley
    Alexander Theompley   12 hours ago

    I mean of course it makes sense. We’re living in the age of technology and advancement.

  • Ernesto Sibal
    Ernesto Sibal   13 hours ago

    What song are they playing to introduce him? It sounds so familiar but I can’t place it.

  • cr4zyu
    cr4zyu   13 hours ago

    THINK of the geometry of a rotating earth earth, every 24 hours the Earth's surface along zero degrees longitude (the Greenwich meridian), starts & ends at precisely the same point & time every 24hours. During that 24 hours, Earth is also traversing about 1 degree of travel through its orbit around the sun. If the Earth is 'cosmically' facing into space from zero degrees longitude, how come, if the Earth started off facing the sun at the beginning of its yearly orbit (say at 12 noon), why does now have its back to the sun, after completing 180 degrees of orbit & 182 x 24 hour rotations on its axis. It does not fit any geometric model known to math, only science. I was educated to believe that "the math keeps science honest", well it doesn't in this case, so start thinking all 'ewes' in high school & university math departments. Think for yourself & the truth might set you free.

  • Rice Fields
    Rice Fields   14 hours ago

    In open space with no gravitational (or so low it’s irrelevant) would objects still travel that fast, would they travel slower? I need answers!

  • Adrianz R.
    Adrianz R.   20 hours ago

    Colbert, secretly wishes he was trump.

  • Blizz GM
    Blizz GM   22 hours ago

    I am simple man. I see mr Neil, I click like.

  • FairsleyDifference
    FairsleyDifference   23 hours ago

    I don’t think Dr. Tyson really finds the incorrect planets fun.

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett   23 hours ago

    I think a Space Force is a very good idea. But it should be an international group, like a combination of the United Nations peacekeeping force and European Space Agency. Since space is legally international waters, this would be the best and most non-confrontational way of doing it, and spreading the cost like that makes it financially feasible too.A Space Force doesn't have to be militaristic, the police force isn't. It could be entirely peaceful. In fact, if we ever manage to colonise the moon or Mars or wherever, we'd need a Space Force to arrest space criminals. If could also serve as an early warning for any extraterrestial threats, from the asteroids to the much less likely alien invasion. Sort of like the group Captain Marvel leads in Marvel Comics.It's actually a really good idea. I'm very glad Donald Trump didn't come up with it, or I'd probably reflexively hate it by association. It was first mooted years ago.

  • PRYVTgomerPYLE
    PRYVTgomerPYLE   1 days ago

    This doesn't just apply to Trump. It applies to EVERY fucking president that ever lived. This is the issue with "party politics." It doesn't matter how sane/insane a comment is, the "other side" will always neglect the underlying issue. They usually object a statement, because it was from the "other guys" even though it has relevancy in everyday lives. ^ That is why I am beginning to think like Joe Rogan. The idea of a president in today's day and age is fucking ludicrous! One man/woman representing 300 million people is dumb. It made sense when America only had 5k people. We are WAY past that... There should be a team of people (congress) representing our nation. #JusSayin

  • E dollo
    E dollo   1 days ago

    Neil’s idea for space force is completely different from Trumps, Trump imagines people actually fighting in space. Neil clearly shot that down by saying space war is useless because it would negatively affect everyone by causing to much space trash orbiting the earth, do you really think Trump cares about space trash? This went way over the heads of all his supporters in the comments.

  • Cloudless Vision
    Cloudless Vision   1 days ago

    Neil is just an amazing man, the way he explains everything, make it so easy to undertand no matter who you are. What an amazing skills he is got.

  • Drew Arnold
    Drew Arnold   1 days ago

    “just because it comes out of trump’s mouth, doesn’t require that it be a crazy thing.”we need more people like neil. i don’t agree with trump on everything, but we can all hopefully be open-minded enough to acknowledge it when he does something right.

  • Gerard Schafhäutle
    Gerard Schafhäutle   1 days ago

    Orbital grid of mass-driver satellites aimed downward. Solves every problem with space combat by disallowing other nations' access (destroy launch sites, factories...let alone cities). Then, while space is "held," dismantle enemy satellites and own the void.Not saying it's nice, but it loops around everything else. Solar powered space-to-terra mass drivers? Turn it around for asteroids and back again for teaching a large scale lesson MINUS the radiation, biological hazards and chemical waste of a defined WMD (requires long term damage to terrain that makes it uninhabitable to humans OTHER THAN simply uplifted ground...A city destroyed by a "Rod from God is NOT a WMD). Again, NOT saying it is pleasant. Just jumps around the problems listed. Each satellite being in capsules labeled and iconic of telescopes and the like, construction under Manhattan Project secrecy? We could do it.

  • Tyler Wickwire
    Tyler Wickwire   1 days ago

    Thank God a super smart American man believes Trump is on to something so now when people call me stupid for agreeing with Trump space force which is fucking awesome I can just tell them Neil Degrasse agrees with Trump and me. Because the future IS near! And someone needs to put this in full force.

  • Cody Ellison
    Cody Ellison   1 days ago

    Space force is a shit idea. Just keep it with the Air Force since the Air Force has successfully been doing the space force job since the 60s. Unless you are talking about have the space force be a subcategory to the Air Force in which case it still sounds stupid but less stupid.

  • Liam Featherstone
    Liam Featherstone   2 days ago

    Why does he sound like the DNA strand off the old Jurassic park

  • Nord Swag
    Nord Swag   2 days ago

    Stephen "Not criticizing Trump, but he's actually worst american president in the history" Colbert

  • trefrog
    trefrog   2 days ago

    two professionals, doing what they do best, right here

  • Nick Hardy
    Nick Hardy   2 days ago

    You could use an emp to kill satellites, laser beams could burn out specific parts of satellites, with out filling the whole of Earth's orbit with crap

  • Posi P
    Posi P   2 days ago

    40+ years ago we would always go to the Hayden Planetarium. Went back and Mr. Tyson removed the Planetarium from the building to install a movie screen. What a loss. Because of that, I do not like Mr. Tyson.

  • 33KneesDeep
    33KneesDeep   2 days ago

    The difference between being rationally objective and being ideologically possessed

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller   2 days ago

    Colbert has really become insufferable. I used to love him as a kid, but all he does now is bash Trump. He's contributing to this ridiculous mindset the country seems to have where everyone has to be 100% against everything that comes out of Trump's mouth. Thank you Neil for speaking some common sense!! It's comforting to know that there are still sane people out there.

  • Darn
    Darn   2 days ago

    Retarded liberal bashes on Trump trying to get a smart man to agree with him but is hit with the "just because Trump says it, doesn't mean it's crazy" Stupid ass liberals.

  • The OG Dominic
    The OG Dominic   2 days ago

    Just because it came out of Neil deGrasse Tyson's mouth doesn't mean it's a good idea. It's just another excuse for Trump to increase the "defense" budget. There are better things to spend taxes on.

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid   3 days ago

    & to all who believe he is smart & genius, I'd hate to break it to you bit your standards for smart & genius seems way too low.Follow a wise leader. Not the loudest, or most charming, & someone who has the knowledge about his art.Which all country is this video not available to view btw.Otherwise we could have had better debate on his intelligence, I'm sure a lot of Europeans, Russians & most higher secondary science students can debunk his claims about a lot of stuffs he tries hard to explain.I'm sure this video is only available in the countries the US has not put trade sanctions against.At least we have a good education system in which we are free to find our own answers if we disagree with what we see. Most of the stuffs he talks about defy simple scientific reasoning.He's what they'd call in the old days truly #blasphemy

  • Sid Sid
    Sid Sid   3 days ago

    As announced in the beginning of the show.He's the favourite.Not the best by a far margin.He's kindda like a scientific Obama.When will the US citizens understand what's going on.It's more depressing to see the citizens being made dumb by their own state & then use them for their own means.😊he's stuttering in his explanation, wtf is he even trying to explain. How long will the people keep believing in the media.

  • Ace11 Sarcens
    Ace11 Sarcens   3 days ago

    I want this guy to write, direct and produce a space movie!! Omg

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube   3 days ago

    To all of you posters out there: Please watch this segment carefully. Steven does not talk over Neil, nor is he bashing Trump in every other sentence. Trump is , as most people know, a stupid liar, and nothing a trump supporter says will ever change the fact that he is a stupid liar. He has never shown the least bit of interest in space, or science or history, for that matter, so why is he proposing this now? Is Trump serious or is he just looking to distract us from his other actions? As Neil said, we already have a space command, its under the air force for military matters, and NASA is for scientific research and exploration. The questions are; do we need a separate branch of the military? Will it duplicate what is already being done, or will it be totally separate? How much will it cost? Will it violate treaties we have signed that prohibit the militarizing of space? Remember President Regan's "star wars" defense initiative? By a treaty with Russia we agreed not to deploy weapons in space, will this "Space Force" violate that treaty?

  • shomolya
    shomolya   3 days ago

    Tyson wants Trump to invest in futile weaponisation of space that can be later used for scientific purposes. Good one mate and good luck to you!