• Published on: 08 August 2018
  • From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
    DIR: Wolf Haley
    DP: Luis Panch Perez
    PRO:Happy Place
  • Runtime : 3:23
  • tyler the creator see you again kali uchis can i get a kiss golf le fleur* scum fuck flower boy wet pants asap rocky


  • Golly Pon
    Golly Pon   31 minuts ago

    The shot composition / imagery in this vid is fantastic, holy shit

  • bruh
    bruh   44 minuts ago

    weird motherfucker but talented

  • The Lurker
    The Lurker   49 minuts ago

    Ballads by rappers are the best.

  • Snapple82
    Snapple82   57 minuts ago

    Thought we were about to have a Fallout 76 theme considering how the ship looked

  • cloudy saapy
    cloudy saapy   1 hours ago

    When the beat dropped on the aircraft carrier...

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time   2 hours ago

    My boy on the right at 1:37 saluting with the wrong arm

  • mr.AjAx.
    mr.AjAx.   2 hours ago

    Kept forgetting to watch this

  • Jan
    Jan   3 hours ago

    Damn the details, when he says "I" he does someting with his eye: 0:33 and 1:46

  • MrBackhouse36
    MrBackhouse36   4 hours ago

    I love how after Flowerboy all the new fans think Tyler’s super cute and don’t know about the “raped a pregnant bitch and told my friends I had a threesome” days 😂

  • Cell Perfect
    Cell Perfect   5 hours ago

    This gives me Sega Marine fishing Vibes....

    BDTHESM4   5 hours ago

    Cheech Marin on the trumpet lmao

  • omarstopnow
    omarstopnow   5 hours ago

    Tyler and Kali should release an album together!

  • Alaric
    Alaric   5 hours ago

    wtf is this music video lmao

  • MrMcausome
    MrMcausome   5 hours ago

    The real question is why is an f 15 on that carrier. 0/10 no military realism.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly   6 hours ago

    i just noticed his hair looks like a bee

  • jocko smocko
    jocko smocko   6 hours ago

    An old song but this goes hard asf and I really fuck wit the music video

  • Isabella Marlene
    Isabella Marlene   7 hours ago

    This video was perfect and when Kali stopped singing and where this flower blooms started playing it got even better!

  • Nick Foles
    Nick Foles   7 hours ago

    Love the album... but man this guy has always made the weirdest crap