What's on my original iPhone?

  • Published on: December 8 Agu 2018

  • How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/subs...🎶 MUSIC I USE - https://goo.gl/Pe7GTL BE MY FRIEND:http://instagram.com/ijustinehttp://facebook.com/ijustinehttp://twitter.com/ijustineSnapchat: iJustine📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - https://amzn.to/2yJHg07Sony A7 iii - https://amzn.to/2EN0PdlSony rx100 v5 - https://amzn.to/2yADTbGGoPro Hero 7 - https://amzn.to/2EZ9YQbInsta360 ONE X - https://amzn.to/2CJjQL1
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  • Game Master
    Game Master   1 weeks ago

    Can I have the original iphone please

  • IMadeYouReadThis
    IMadeYouReadThis   1 weeks ago

    Anyone used to play that game on IPod touch where you can kill ants or what ever with the flamethrower, hammer and more

  • Akif Norsh
    Akif Norsh   1 weeks ago

    no video on first iphone...omg hahahaha

  • Allison Burg
    Allison Burg   1 weeks ago

    That phone bill video was posted when I was only a few months old!😂🤣😂

  • Milo
    Milo   2 weeks ago

    Do a whole phone collection video

  • Bkibbe Schwede
    Bkibbe Schwede   2 weeks ago

    At 7:36 you can see on maps “Springfield” SIMPSONS IS THAT U??

    BROWEN   2 weeks ago

    I remember Youtube when the tv logo Was there I was a user since i was 5 but made my channel When i was 10 Good times. And the yellow sub button

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris   2 weeks ago

    It’s a old shit phone what’s so excited about that lol go get a nokia and cry more lol

  • Ivania Reyes
    Ivania Reyes   2 weeks ago

    IT HAD 8 GB ok I would have only had like YT and just pics and social media

  • LPS Candyyy
    LPS Candyyy   3 weeks ago


  • MrDutch01
    MrDutch01   3 weeks ago

    You do know you can make it work with Two Step Authentication right?Just use the same installation instructions as Android or Outlook.You will get a specific password that will work!So not your nomall password!

  • lil hunbuns
    lil hunbuns   3 weeks ago

    Omg this is so cool. My aunt used to have the iPhone 3G and she deactivated it and gave it to me when I was little. I remember trying to make calls and text but I could only play games like Talking Tom 😂

  • Ashley Brick
    Ashley Brick   3 weeks ago

    I think my mom owned the first iPhone in 2007 when she got a new one it turned into my new toy lol I would wake up early just to play on it and type a diary in the notes and I would mess around with the voice memos it was so fun!!!Ps I am just as big a iPhone fan as you Justine!!Love you Justine!!!You are awesome 😎

    MUAZAMA’S SLIME   3 weeks ago

    People stop ✋🏻 hating if you don’t want to watch then get of this channel 💁🏻‍♀️

    LEESA CAV   3 weeks ago

    Yep I have the first iPhone and that's what I'm watching it on.

  • itz me
    itz me   3 weeks ago

    it’s crazy to me to look at you viewing a photo of the new apple store and looking at all the new tech on the apple website..but on the first iphone...it’s like viewing the future within the past... idk just something about it feels crazy to me

  • Livvy Laugh
    Livvy Laugh   3 weeks ago

    Lol I’m from ArkansasI got a shoutout yay! Lol 🥳

  • Brian Co
    Brian Co   4 weeks ago

    Justine you actually can authenticate your emails, just put in your password and then go to a newer device or your main device and it will tell you that a device is trying to connect and the you allow it, then lmao this is long but then you put your password and add the pin it gives you to your password