What's on my original iPhone?

  • Published on: 08 August 2018
  • How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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  • Runtime : 12:44
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  • Lanz R
    Lanz R   1 hours ago

    Download Whited00r, to add Video Compatibility and iOS 7 style

  • Maxime Mobayen
    Maxime Mobayen   8 hours ago

    IJustine I love you so much I am a die hard apple fan like you and you are my girl even though I am a lot younger then you by 17 years I would do anything to be with you and anything for you, you are so beautiful

  • John's Picks
    John's Picks   12 hours ago

    Justine, again I love your videos. I love your passion for life and thanks for making me laugh.

  • Kyan2005
    Kyan2005   15 hours ago

    Yeah, I had an iPod Touch 1st gen on 1.1.4, but I couldn’t the get it to work, so I had to update it.

  • BastianAndTheBear
    BastianAndTheBear   17 hours ago

    I wish I could get my old Samsung flip phone to work but I need a sim card :( I'd give anything to get those message tones back and use them on my new samsung.

  • Safete Maliqi
    Safete Maliqi   17 hours ago

    omg u still have it!!FOE GOODNESS SAKE OMGGGG!!!!!!😱😱😱😱

  • Lukas Leboss
    Lukas Leboss   1 days ago

    But you can downgrade it with old version of iTunes and Windows

  • Lukas Leboss
    Lukas Leboss   1 days ago

    It was running an old version of iOS but sadly it has been updated 😢

  • 56 Dodny
    56 Dodny   1 days ago

    Hey jus could you please make your videos iPhone X friendly??Thanks ☺️

  • Elise Rose
    Elise Rose   1 days ago

    So it’s a glorified iPod basically?

  • B*tches Broken Hearts

    Oh my god 😂 I remember when I was little and my dad gave me that phone because he bought a new one. I still have it too! And it works and I have the charger 😂

  • FT studio
    FT studio   1 days ago

    Am I the only one who misses ask ij

  • Dimitri Borozny
    Dimitri Borozny   1 days ago

    Have it unlocked and put it on T - Mobile and have it jail broken.

  • John B
    John B   1 days ago

    Finally starts at 3:30

  • Super_451
    Super_451   1 days ago

    Ijustine unbox the note 9 when it's here

  • Jethro Chan
    Jethro Chan   1 days ago

    At&t just disable 2G?Any Countries there don't have 2G service anymore? 🤔

  • Aaron Backlund
    Aaron Backlund   1 days ago

    You can still access email by creating a app password in your Google account

  • Billy_ .45
    Billy_ .45   1 days ago

    I'm from Arkansas no joke theres Walmarts every wher and I live in NLR

  • Josefiina Ahonen
    Josefiina Ahonen   1 days ago

    Afford all hesitate amendment abortion sodium term killer.

  • Sarah Priest
    Sarah Priest   1 days ago

    I worked for Sprint when the original iPhone was launched. I remember having SO much training on it, thinking it was ridiculous because I wasn't even selling the phone. That's about my only interaction with the first generation lol

  • Peter Powis
    Peter Powis   1 days ago

    i'd love you to do a tech video with "Unbox Therapy" - you guys would be great together!! :)