How Strong Is Thanos Without The Infinity Gauntlet?

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
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    Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss Infinity War and find out how strong Thanos is without his precious Infinity Gauntlet.

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  • Runtime : 13:45
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  • maygan lewis
    maygan lewis   17 minuts ago

    Maybe if the xmen were part of the MCU Charles or magneto could take him Charles mind is prob stronger than mantis and magneto could just pull it to him

  • jk47fudge
    jk47fudge   1 hours ago

    Close fist thing- they know because of doctor strange telling them

  • The Bubba
    The Bubba   14 hours ago

    What bout ego from guardians 2??

  • Rupert Hill
    Rupert Hill   18 hours ago

    I guess that's why he can be defeated by Odin, Hela, an Asgardian army and Surtur, etc. because they are trained, or at least excel in swords/pointy things. I.e. Hela throws swords, tons from her hands, the Aasgardian army are an army of specially trained, sword fighting, space vikings, Surtur's main weapon is a thousand foot sword of fire and Odin uses a spear. In conclusion, this theory really holds up!! Love it haha!

  • Kel McGowan
    Kel McGowan   18 hours ago

    One argument for the Mantis not overpowering Thanos is that she'd regularly been putting Ego to rest for a long time. She probably knows his mind inside out. Thanos is a complete stranger.

  • M. Ultra Instinct Vegito

    wonder why logan's adamantium claws just *SCRATCHED thanos' face instead of STABBING IT?!..."you should have gone for the head!"

  • Monsieur Vlogs
    Monsieur Vlogs   1 days ago

    New theory: Did the rant said to Bucky reveal future stuff about the MCU? Freight car, what Bucky fell out of. Homecoming: a reveal of the new Spiderman. Is there more to this then shows at the surface.

  • T R
    T R   1 days ago

    Thor should be the strongest avenger because he basically has the Odin force and captain marvel should be nowhere near Thor power level

  • Bushcraft1974
    Bushcraft1974   1 days ago

    Was Thanos so strong that he didn’t need to take Stormbreaker after the Snap and exit?

  • Luisa Arango
    Luisa Arango   2 days ago

    How about the fact the Wanda singlehandedly was able to withstand his attack with all the stones and technically won, if not by the fact that he reversed time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Joseph Blankenship
    Joseph Blankenship   2 days ago

    You should talk about Drax. I was reading an avengers comic and it says that Drax was created for the sole purpose of destroying Thanos... what are your thoughts?

  • Joel Hornburg
    Joel Hornburg   2 days ago

    Actually Thanos could hold the power stone only because the gauntlet was between it and his flesh. Ronan was a Kree, much weaker than a celestial and put it on a hammer so he could wield it. No one can wield it alone with bare hands, you need some metal in between you and it .

  • Kieran Duncan
    Kieran Duncan   2 days ago

    Ego would also have been a threat to Thanos. And Dormammu as well.

  • Kobina Yankah
    Kobina Yankah   2 days ago

    FYI - Maybe you are going by the movies but in the comic mini-series, "The Thanos Quest;" which details his journey to gather the gems, Thanos specifically says he has long avoided a confrontation with the Earth behemoth, Hulk. By his own admission, he was afraid of the Hulk. Also, in the mid-90's comic series, "Infinity Watch," Thanos repeatedly states that he fears Drax the Destroyer regaining his lost memories and unleashing vengeance on him. I will note that the Drax of the comics was vastly more powerful than that of the movies.Without the gems, the Thanos of the comics was not as powerful as Silver Surfer and even lost a fight to spiderman in one of his earlier appearances.

  • randy giffin
    randy giffin   2 days ago

    Thor + stormbreaker + aiming for head = dead thanos

  • Trisha Reddy
    Trisha Reddy   2 days ago

    I think he also sort of feared the Ancient One

  • Trisha Reddy
    Trisha Reddy   2 days ago

    Wait, so if Thanos thought that he couldn’t defeat the Asgardian Army, but Hela did it single-handedly, does that mean Hela is stronger than Thanos

  • Susannah Spalding
    Susannah Spalding   2 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Thor ends up being the one who destroys Thanos.

  • Liam Doyle
    Liam Doyle   3 days ago

    @ SuperCarlinBrothers even though Thanos is not using the power stone during the Hulk vs Thanos does not mean it did not give him power because every time Thanos gets a stone he clearly gets a little bit stronger and when he has all of the stones you can see all the stones making him stronger

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper   3 days ago

    Have you guys thought of doing a theory on what Scarlet Witch showed Hulk in Avengers 2? And how it might connect with Infinity War or Avengers 4? Because I would LOVE to see what y’all could come up with.

  • roepi
    roepi   3 days ago

    Odins power is supposed to be on the level of Galactus. Even Thanos wouldn't risk pissing off Odin with his entire asgard army without a major ace up his sleeve. So with Odin out of the way and Asgard blown up, there realy isn't anything standing in his way anymore. Makes sense he would seize the oppertunity immediately.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez   3 days ago

    Thanos needs the glove to win lol

  • D Sampson
    D Sampson   3 days ago

    Thor hurt Thanos more than anyone but that was a ranged attack. But Tony put up the best physical fight of anyone against Thanos. He used the most advanced and powerful version of his armor at the time. Which I believe was the MCU's version of his bleeding edge armor and he still lost. He would've been dead if it weren't for Dr. Strange. So here's a question. Tony has always created Armor for whatever purpose he needed it for. "Hulk Buster" "Thor Buster" ect. So, does anyone think we'll see the MCU's version of his "God Killer" Armor in the next movie. And do you think that is the only version of his Armors that can defeat Thanos?

  • TastyMangoo
    TastyMangoo   3 days ago

    In the actual movie. One of them says to not let him close his hand... how did you not get that?

  • Liam Hayman
    Liam Hayman   3 days ago

    Yes they new because doctor strange said don't let him close his fist , he new that because be for wen doc strange was talking to him thanos closed his fist to use the reality stone to show his old world

  • Katie McQ
    Katie McQ   4 days ago

    Finally someone admits that Thor is the most powerful Avenger! I feel vindicated.

  • Mvs Mvs
    Mvs Mvs   4 days ago

    If thor has storm breaker then loki should have mijonir

    BRIAN TONG   4 days ago

    Couldn’t Bucky/winter wolf had sniped him in the head? A large bullet with a lot of force to the head would probably do even better than a storm breaker, especially if thanos is caught off guard

    BRIAN TONG   4 days ago

    The one movie team up that Hawkeye isn’t in, the avengers lose

  • Orion Gammon
    Orion Gammon   4 days ago

    Ok wouldn’t Voldemort need the blood of the person that the soul views as it’s enemy

  • Justin Kenney
    Justin Kenney   4 days ago

    this song should play every time you enter a room (copy and paste for any one that dosn't know)