N.C. officials provide updates on Hurricane Florence

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • N.C. officials provide an update on the status of Hurricane Florence. Follow our coverage: https://wapo.st/florence Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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  • Khadijah Khadijah
    Khadijah Khadijah   2 weeks ago


  • Xiomara Santiago
    Xiomara Santiago   1 months ago

    Didn't the storm disappear father has answer my prayers

  • PIT BULL Jane
    PIT BULL Jane   2 months ago


  • Sewan & Sawen Creations

    I grew up in north Koreolina...they poison their own constituents, put all that toxic material they say their storing into the food and water so that north koreolinians get sick...then, they built all these medical research laboratories there to continue the experiments on the unsuspecting public...I had to flee north Koreolina because they let children flyndrones with sonic microwave weapons attached to them to give people cancer. North Koreolina has a very potent stainmaker

  • Louie J
    Louie J   2 months ago

    Dont disrespect the sign lady you bunch of devils

  • WilliamBrothers
    WilliamBrothers   2 months ago

    I think I learned a cew new ASL words during this video.

  • 44GlenCoCo
    44GlenCoCo   2 months ago

    Lol I'm fluent in sign and I'm an interpreter and it is so touching to see all of the people fascinated with the sign language! I encourage everyone to get involved in the deaf community and deaf culture!

  • papa. mozet
    papa. mozet   2 months ago

    The US is a fascist state. The US is a terrorist state. The US is the number one criminal in the World. There will be a real new Nurnberg Tribunal-II for the United States. By the level of lies, the usa surpassed its teacher, Goebbels. Lying, lying, lying and lying to usa citizens and citizens of the World is the reality of usa behavior. The United States destroyed the national population of the Indians, destroyed millions of citizens of Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine - this is genocide. The usa is a genocide of the population on the Planet. US crimes against humanity will be investigated, the verdict for the United States will be announced. The country of paranoia will commit suicide.

  • David amar
    David amar   2 months ago

    You idiots this is not about the sign language lady it’s about the hurricane!

  • EJ Ghostmez
    EJ Ghostmez   2 months ago

    The lady on the right is having a dance party

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith   2 months ago

    300k and top of the list wow

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann   2 months ago

    Most people don’t have power to watch this

  • iant sorry
    iant sorry   2 months ago

    Hurricane Florence please hit the bible belt

  • Daily Cheesy Facts
    Daily Cheesy Facts   2 months ago

    Here is the truth, there is water, it’s a groundbreaking discovery I know,

  • Fry Lock
    Fry Lock   2 months ago

    BREAKING NEWS 500 US gangs gather in Albuquerque, New Mexico to figure what gang this woman is apart of.

  • 5’6 Tyler1
    5’6 Tyler1   2 months ago

    Lol the storm can suck my dick I’m in the zone bitches!

  • Brian OBrien
    Brian OBrien   2 months ago

    How many deaf people do you know. I know none but one handed me a note and wanted money and when he walked of I yell hey ! He was deaf ....


    SS guy: Mr president the storm’s causing a lot of trouble “President Trump: “offer the same deal as Daniels “

  • Joj
    Joj   2 months ago

    Bruh those waterbending moves she made caused Florence....

  • Jonathan Melena
    Jonathan Melena   2 months ago

    Came to see if the interpreter was actually using ASL and not just random hand movements.

  • Dj- Quadra
    Dj- Quadra   2 months ago

    It can’t only be me who was lost in her hands🤨🤔

  • MrPandaPlayz
    MrPandaPlayz   2 months ago

    I thought this was ladies and gentlemen we got em

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson   2 months ago

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  • Edit King
    Edit King   2 months ago

    She can weave signs faster than sasuke

  • Nick B
    Nick B   2 months ago

    Is anyone fact checking this sign language lady

  • Bass fishing training
    Bass fishing training   2 months ago

    I hope any kids that dies because there parents wouldn't leave the dangerous storm will be charged with man slaughter you offered free bus ride free bed free food

  • Adriana Barron
    Adriana Barron   2 months ago

    Yo, I live right outside of Winston Salem. Not important but....

  • Fusion GPS Integrity
    Fusion GPS Integrity   2 months ago

    Hurricane was downgraded, its like when they said Hillary would win by a landslide lol

  • Kazuto
    Kazuto   2 months ago

    Signnnn lady on fire !

  • CiaraxxxCira
    CiaraxxxCira   2 months ago

    I low key came for the sign language lady! But I hope and pray that these people are okay! 😂👍🏾

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