Ravens vs. Bengals Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018

  • Published on: 14 September 2018
  • The Baltimore Ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 13:35
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  • NFL Coholnite
    NFL Coholnite   1 months ago

    When AJ has the same amount of touchdowns in one half that Julio has all last year 😆🤭

  • Tre H
    Tre H   1 months ago

    I dont see how you can blame this loss on the defense when the offense kept turning the ball over at the 50 or closer toward our own end zone. They were going up against a very tough offense and gave our guys a chance to come back but flacco and the offensive line didnt play well enough! Gotta do better.

  • Gabe The Great
    Gabe The Great   1 months ago

    Flacco and bad throw seems to be a lot in this video

  • xterryxbogardx
    xterryxbogardx   1 months ago

    I love the comments of the paper fans. The ravens have lost one game and yall talking trash

  • Jean Pierre Castro
    Jean Pierre Castro   1 months ago

    This is just the beginning of the end of John Harbugh and Joe Flacco. The team will lose the next three games, and it will end up 1-4. The team will fail to make the playoffs again, and major changes will be make...

  • Jake Dapper
    Jake Dapper   1 months ago

    Two terrible pass interference calls that put the ravens at the 1 defiantly because they didn’t want Thursday night football to be a blowout

  • nicholas paino
    nicholas paino   1 months ago

    Yeah that's cool and all but the Panthers are going to get the W this weekend because they know the Earth is flat ya dig

  • Joe Batimore
    Joe Batimore   1 months ago

    jimmy smith is the reason Marlon Humphries got scored on 3 times

  • Joe Batimore
    Joe Batimore   1 months ago

    too Bengals fans man we got 2 Superbowl wins yall havent even won a playoff game since 1990

  • Farias
    Farias   1 months ago

    Subscribe to my channel I make soccer training videos and games. Help grow staff and reciprocate 👍

  • Trepp
    Trepp   1 months ago

    Used to love this sport until it got so political and spoiled players just disregard The United States Of America's flag. Now,I don't support the NFL,I encourage others to follow!

  • StormrReaper
    StormrReaper   1 months ago

    would love to see Andy Dalton win a ring he's a great qb if cincinnati wants to get rid of him the jets would happily take him xD

  • yehezkiel hutagalung
    yehezkiel hutagalung   2 months ago

    OMG flaco drunk as hell.. Many times many times. Who the heck was the guys he wanted to throw to????

  • Carbon 7
    Carbon 7   2 months ago

    Should i add John Brown or Antonio Callaway off the waiver this week

  • boyce evans
    boyce evans   2 months ago

    Get Alex Collins in space ! He's deadly!!

    JETT ENT TV   2 months ago

    "It's a jungle out here!" #whodey https://youtu.be/DELTaV6npZg

  • Harris Bey
    Harris Bey   2 months ago

    What moor can I say but......WHO DEY!!!!!!

  • 2Face Nay
    2Face Nay   2 months ago

    Omg how do you lose to the bengals, throw my whole team away.. 🤦🏿‍♀️

    DAVID BURNS   2 months ago

    CJ Mosley for The Bengals is off the chain

  • Andre Howard
    Andre Howard   2 months ago

    The messed up thing is I'm from Cincinnati from Cincinnati but I'm a Saints fan Saints fan and I have to say Bengals look a lot different than they have ever been in the last 5 to 7 years you can't hate on the team improving you just can't they really made Baltimore look like a regular teen I mean they put up 21 points on Baltimore in the first quarter damn near like Anna points that Baltimore dig it Bengals game and it's like the referees with all the flags and all they let Baltimore come back it was the referees they let Baltimore come back let's be honest Bengals cut out of blue Baltimore out bye 21 points or more for real and I'm not a Cincinnati fan I'm a Saints fan saw all Baltimore fans remember that the referees let y'all come back in this game to make it close Bengals could have blue y'all out by 21 points or more I mean I don't even think by the way it's looking y'all not beat the Browns

  • Joel Session
    Joel Session   2 months ago

    offense was trash and defense was trash special teams pretty good joe flacco is joe flacco and we will do better nextime... I hope.

  • Ziggmanster
    Ziggmanster   2 months ago

    >tf when the Bengals are tied for first in the entire NFL

  • Nobody Nobody2
    Nobody Nobody2   2 months ago

    that holding call against Boyd.....the Bengals got lucky there. Boyd didn't really even hold him...just barely. Even if he didnt I doubt it would of been caught. I think the refs made a bad call there.