iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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    Sony rx100 V - http://amzn.to/2jesbxA
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    Sony a6500 - http://amzn.to/2okeG2a
    Sony rx0 - http://amzn.to/2yQA7wKq
  • Runtime : 14:11
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  • shubham bhardwaj
    shubham bhardwaj   38 minuts ago

    wow so cool i want this i phone iPhone camera quality good

  • KattyFoxYT
    KattyFoxYT   1 hours ago

    Hmmmmmmm.........NAAHHHH, TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!IM CHEAP

  • Jatz Cracker
    Jatz Cracker   11 hours ago

    But I'm poor need a sugar daddy! Yass!! daddy!

  • Brooke Firesteel
    Brooke Firesteel   1 days ago

    These phones are so expensive, but 700-800 was the same price as the Iphone 7, So that hasn’t changed, but 900 DOLLARS?!? Oh heck no. I’ll keep my Iphone 6 for now, it works great :)

  • iigoldfemaleii
    iigoldfemaleii   1 days ago

    My boyfriend is getting the iPhone xr. He is going to buy me the iPhone 6... in white.

  • Misiek PB
    Misiek PB   1 days ago

    I Love Justine and Iphon !! (-:

    JOSH MIYU   1 days ago

    ik she has the money to repair a phone if it shatters (cause we all know she has coin) but shes alot braver than me to go day to day without a case 😭

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn   1 days ago


  • Matuscara
    Matuscara   1 days ago

    I hate the notch. That’s the reason why I’m not getting it, and never will.

  • Brittany
    Brittany   1 days ago

    When the phones are almost $2000 in Australia 😩

  • Halah Jasim
    Halah Jasim   1 days ago

    Which one you think 🤔 better *iPhone 📱 xr like * iPhone 📲 x max comments Don’t know 😐🤷🏻‍♀️comments!! 😁

  • Anna Mills
    Anna Mills   1 days ago

    I think I’m going to get the gold one in the iPhone Xs max. In either 518 gb or 256gb. I have that on both my iPhone 8+ and iPad Pro 12 inch and haven’t even used half of it yet. But I’m super excited to see what it can do to help program my school thing for college courses

  • florent busnoult
    florent busnoult   1 days ago

    I guess the "R" of iPhone XR is because R is right before S in the alphabet so it has the same internal spec of a S model but is a less expensive outfit. Does that mean that the R model will only be updated every other year together with the S model? Any thought?

  • Roslain Rolf
    Roslain Rolf   1 days ago

    These are some very expensive iPhones if you do a giveaway please choose me

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee   1 days ago

    It looks so ugly :( if Steve was he wouldn’t of made it this expensive, it doesn’t even look like iOS

  • Adam Apple
    Adam Apple   2 days ago

    I want to know the difference pls

  • Savage Minswaggy
    Savage Minswaggy   2 days ago

    And I’m already good with my Iphone X ahahha- rather.. ONLY THE CAM, COLOR AND SIZE AND SOME BLAH BLAH- sigh

  • Ragad Lollipop
    Ragad Lollipop   2 days ago

    Well her name is ijustine... Is she an advertisement?

  • Zoe Hoard
    Zoe Hoard   2 days ago

    The most amazing photos you can take!! 😵

  • Adi
    Adi   2 days ago

    say shit about iPhones but people will still buy them.....

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez   2 days ago

    I’ve always wanted a phone since I was 10, ik that’s young but I like phones, anyways I would always complain saying I need a phone for emergency’s and such😂I always had a thing for iPhones. I liked the camera quality the cool tech stuff and things when I was 11 and it was Christmas I got my first phone. No it wasn’t an iPhone it was an android but I was so happy that I even got one. I’ve had that phone for about 6 months and I got a new one next Christmas and yes another android but like a better one😂 I was still very greatly I got a phone. I sorta recently just turned 13 and I got an iPhone 5 SE. I was so happy and shocked and I was crying and rolling on the ground cuz I was that happy. I’m just very grateful I got an iPhone

  • Jay Makai
    Jay Makai   2 days ago

    She might as well buy me one then since she RICH OR WHATEVER

  • Slime Cinema
    Slime Cinema   2 days ago

    I have an iPhone X but I really want the iPhone X max my dad already have the iPhone X max

  • lemon fresh douchebag

    OHHMYGAWD! getting a new apple product is like growing a bigger penus every year.The 10r I will buy as a drink coaster for my coffee table.I'm getting the 10x max cuz I'm such a fanboy.Besides I'm filthy rich and make my morning smoothie with $100 bills.