• Published on: 05 August 2018
  • Hey Larlees, todays video is my cats pick my makeup. I have 3 fur babies and they are all from the animal shelter in California. It was hell trying to get them to pick makeup because cats are stubborn beautiful creatures. Please give this video a thumbs up because I ran around like a psycho cat lady. Thanks - Laura


    bobbi brown primer
    NARS foundation
    BH cosmetics conciller
    laura mericer loose powder
    ABH brow definer - med brown
    dose of colors x illuvsarahii palette:
    bellami lashes
    MORPHE blush trio * use code: LAURALEE
    Glam GLow highlight palette
    Morphe Liquid Lipstick * use code LAURALEE

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    TWITTER: LAURA88LEE - Laura88lee
  • Runtime : 18:33
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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee   1 weeks ago

    My cat’s are buttholes and I love them.

  • Jaz Bennett
    Jaz Bennett   4 hours ago

    Racist🐍🐍🐍 you are CANCELED🚫

  • Linsey Horton
    Linsey Horton   6 hours ago

    They are so beautiful. Thank you for adopting 💖

  • onlythatforeign
    onlythatforeign   8 hours ago

    you look like a malnourished anorexic horse. go get smaller teeth horse face.

  • Charley Johnson
    Charley Johnson   9 hours ago

    The “this is how you drink water” killed me 😂

  • Lucija Zore
    Lucija Zore   11 hours ago

    The only thing good about this video was the ad

  • Stacey Boudreau
    Stacey Boudreau   13 hours ago

    The rudeness is in ful effect on this video... Laura you can do whatever the fuck you want because this is your channel and your content...

  • Stacey Boudreau
    Stacey Boudreau   13 hours ago

    Another reason to love you... I've got 11 rescues... and they're my kids...

  • Tiffany Hill
    Tiffany Hill   13 hours ago

    I like cats but don’t own any. I’m a crazy dog lady with 4 dogs. They range from 12lbs-110lbs. They’re a handful but they’re my boys and I love them to death

  • 22srecuero
    22srecuero   21 hours ago

    Laura!!! you should do a back to school makeup recommendation

  • tone
    tone   23 hours ago


  • Gina Connors
    Gina Connors   23 hours ago

    Thank you for loving cats so much! They are the best. I have 3 shelter cats. Oh and the video is amazing. Good pick Peach!

  • Fríða Heiðarsdóttir

    I own a BIG Maine Coon, he is about 20 pounds, very big and fluffy. He is a tabby, white and orange. He has a pink nose and a yellow eyes, He is called Atlas, because in his own mind he rules the world. He is a dude. I have no control over him haha :)

  • victoria kroll
    victoria kroll   1 days ago

    I got my cat from a shelter and she is the sweetest goofiest little thing I love her so much

  • J.C. Fortnite Moments

    To bad thousands people have unsubscribed. I hope you go cry to your cats buttholes, bitch

  • Gaby G
    Gaby G   1 days ago

    You've been exposedddd

  • Yalimar Perez
    Yalimar Perez   1 days ago

    I dont want to eat at your house. Hairs all over...Ughh!

  • Angela Ramos
    Angela Ramos   1 days ago

    If you hate Laura then don't hate the cats! These people are oversensitive and shallow minded.

  • Han Han Mac
    Han Han Mac   1 days ago

    My cat is hilarious.... I swear she thinks she's a person x