The Magic Of Candy Making

  • Published on: 06 October 2018
  • Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.

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    Producer: @vaughn
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    Roni-Sue: @ronisuechocolates

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  • Runtime : 11:53
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  • Adam
    Adam   5 hours ago

    An asmr's dream

  • Sirus 600
    Sirus 600   7 hours ago

    Nooo not Rosie Gone but most definitely not forgotten👏

  • Jammer3jd5l
    Jammer3jd5l   7 hours ago

    Dude I loooove Salty Road! So happy there’s a video about the process now

  • Caroline McDowell
    Caroline McDowell   9 hours ago

    You best know, If i worked there I would eat all of that Candy!

  • Queen
    Queen   17 hours ago

    I like really like like this like video

  • Call Me Plz
    Call Me Plz   19 hours ago

    They should work together and make the best candy there is

  • Rex Warren
    Rex Warren   19 hours ago

    humans make candy? I've been living a lie 😭

  • Jeninferemilissa Pham

    Me:*looks at thumbnail only* OOOO CHOCOLATE SLIME Me:*starts reading title* Me:oh..whO CARES I STILL LOVE CANDY

  • Danielle Shen
    Danielle Shen   1 days ago

    me: looks at machine stretching candy, then looks at the series of this video says made by hand, looks at machine again.

  • Pasha Vosough
    Pasha Vosough   1 days ago

    Only hiring women? That sounds sexest as hell and its bullshit if you say you don't have bias.

  • Pasha Vosough
    Pasha Vosough   1 days ago

    How can people say that taffy that isn't artificially flavored isn't taffy. That is literally like saying milkshake made with real milk isn't a milkshake. This is the real deal and they have some cheap knock off fake food and they say this to you? Pathetic.

  • D lopez
    D lopez   1 days ago

    Fuck thay laffy taffy wore only hires females bet if was the other way around there would be an outrage,,,hey but ya dont hear me

  • lil gamergirl
    lil gamergirl   1 days ago

    1:55 why was i waiting for her to poke it lol i watch to many slime videos

  • JG Vlogs-Gaming
    JG Vlogs-Gaming   1 days ago

    The reason they but there hand over there mouth is because it sticks to every single one of there teeth.

  • Charlie hates you
    Charlie hates you   1 days ago

    I don't wanna hate but the things people say on these things are vague af.

  • Mark Soe Min
    Mark Soe Min   1 days ago

    I can feel the sugar running through my veins. Diabetes.

  • Mathilde Caeyers
    Mathilde Caeyers   1 days ago

    This looks amazing, and I really want to buy it. I went on to your website to order, but you only ship within the states. Is there any way I can get it to Norway?

  • Jake Sully
    Jake Sully   2 days ago

    Ross would have liked this video.

  • Quake Kill
    Quake Kill   2 days ago

    “Welcome to the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!”

  • Zshrimpman
    Zshrimpman   3 days ago

    I loved this video until she said the only badass people in the last 3 years are women

  • Katrina Wong
    Katrina Wong   3 days ago

    Is it just me or does the taffy look like super buttery slime?

  • Yacine Bb
    Yacine Bb   3 days ago


  • **L!on** English
    **L!on** English   3 days ago

    Wait so it's not sexist that she only hires women but if it was the other way around there's a problem