Gordon Ramsay Gets A HUGE Surprise For His 50th Birthday

  • Published on: 04 November 2018
  • Gordon Ramsay's family surprise him for his 50th birthday.

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  • Runtime : 3:21
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  • bush Wookiee
    bush Wookiee   7 hours ago

    hahahahah, shes going to be a star, like her dad.

  • Fred Dingbar
    Fred Dingbar   9 hours ago

    Where did he create his 'family'? Did he use a marketing and PR company?

  • Fred Dingbar
    Fred Dingbar   9 hours ago

    Christ, is that his daughter? She's never gone without for anything has she.... what is she 16 going on 6?

  • Lolz Trollz
    Lolz Trollz   1 days ago

    My bday is on Nov 29 Same month of you!! GordonHappy Belated Bday

  • Emleila Emleila
    Emleila Emleila   1 days ago

    wow. i cant believe she can cook like that. then again, her father is ramsey .

  • Your Self
    Your Self   1 days ago

    Matilda’s voice sounds kinda retarded

  • CyKy Maraño
    CyKy Maraño   1 days ago

    Chef ram how are you doing? Mj here from cebu Philippines hope u still remember me ?

  • Katie-jo Williams
    Katie-jo Williams   2 days ago

    No offence but that’s no where near enough food to fill my stomach if still be hungry lmao 😂

  • NikolaiPLAYZ
    NikolaiPLAYZ   2 days ago

    I love to see my favorite chef having a great time during his 50th birthday! Happy Late Birthday Ramsay!

  • Blue Hamster of Redemption

    I love Matilda's voice as the perfect counterpoint to Gordon's rants. I'd be willing to wager she's a pretty tough, strong young woman. Let us not forget that she is still a child and her voice will continue to mature.

  • Quaff ;-;
    Quaff ;-;   2 days ago

    theres a mcdonald ad on this video ;-;

  • Colourful Ally
    Colourful Ally   2 days ago

    Matilda’s voice when Super enthusiastic is like jojo siwa on crack almostBut a little more tamedAnd her food is good although

  • Steeler Mom
    Steeler Mom   3 days ago

    Do they make tilly Ramsay voiceover an option as a torture option or prison death row option

  • Oculus Rift
    Oculus Rift   3 days ago

    What a retarded control freak Gordon is.

  • Mercury
    Mercury   3 days ago

    Matilda is literally yelling

  • Abdelkader Salime
    Abdelkader Salime   3 days ago

    Omg my dad is one year younger now it was his bday in November and he was a chef as well

  • Dan
    Dan   3 days ago


  • eXeZable
    eXeZable   3 days ago

    Oke,now who is gonna pay for medical bills,my ears are bleeding,after you hear her voice,Gordon voice is like Angel music

  • Vinyl Blair
    Vinyl Blair   3 days ago

    Other than the child’s truly irritating voice it’s actually quite a sweet video .As Gordon no doubt said “Thank Fuck My Fucking Kids Can Fucking Cook”

  • poolworld1
    poolworld1   4 days ago

    everyone is so false in this, they surely can't pretend to like each other all the time and keep this act up.

  • Raj Sarkar
    Raj Sarkar   4 days ago

    Ok I get it . No frozen food for Gordon Ramsay as its his birthday. Good job 🍗🍗

  • KarltoonTV
    KarltoonTV   4 days ago

    Oh man. People need to leave Matilda alone. She's just a kid.

  • ZK___420___ZK
    ZK___420___ZK   4 days ago

    I was hoping he was going to throw the food at her and call her a "fucking useless wanker".

  • Kermit The Frog Here

    Imagine Gordon started screaming at Matilda that the good was disgusting lol

  • JD
    JD   4 days ago

    No chance she cooked that

  • FAN Vanossgaming
    FAN Vanossgaming   4 days ago

    Making more good food for the world ramsey and live to 100 years old (Happy birth day)

  • Pama Levi
    Pama Levi   4 days ago

    why ramsay drive a sportcar or luxury cars and van !!! XDwhy fine dining, it must be feast like peking duck, beef course, pasta course, mashed potato, some wine, and fucking ice cream and cake !!! XD