The Predator - Movie Review

  • Published on: 11 September 2018
  • Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor...which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here's my review of THE PREDATOR!
  • Runtime : 6:47
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  • Scott Earley
    Scott Earley   5 hours ago

    As a huge predator fan I was looking forward to another movie as its been 8 years I just don't know what Shane black was thinking it was terrible too much comedy which really didn't work the action scenes were nothing special I think I could of done a better job

  • C eeZar
    C eeZar   9 hours ago

    Easily the worst predator movie, i walked out the cinema 15 min into the film.

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex   16 hours ago

    Can you make a video of the mask

  • stevzor
    stevzor   18 hours ago

    It's so bad man, like fking terrible on every level..... It's Police Academy but with a predator in it.... and in no way shape or form is the humour anywhere near as good as Police Academy lol, just fkin terrible straight to DVD movie 100k MAX budget plot line.FYI there was no serious scene at all in this movie, the whole thing was a sht joke and I am absolutely gobsmacked Shane Black thought this was good, jesus man.1. Kid apparently knows all alien languages in the cosmos right off the bat, even know's their technology just by looking at it and tapping it 5 times for 5 minutes.2. Police Academy squad3. Everyone has seen an alien before, specifically a predator since they act like it's just another day on the crazy bus seeing a predator4. Olivia Munn must see the predator everyday, live next to them and share living costs since there is no shock or anything when she see's one and she can apparently identify alien technology at a glance, since that's her field you know? hilarious5. Big predator know's everyone's name and looking for a kid with autism, as autism is key to race advancement for the predatorsBiggest joke of a movie in my life time.

  • Erik Ramaekers
    Erik Ramaekers   1 days ago

    Within 10 years this will be a cult movie.Great fun.

  • i
    i   3 days ago

    best parody movie of the year, entertaining but holy shit this went so wrong, it is like the new ghostbusters.

  • pan!
    pan!   3 days ago

    This movie wasn't as bad as predators and Prometheus fans are making it out to be.... oOops!

  • Capucine N
    Capucine N   4 days ago

    Fave Predator movies: Predator (1987) <-- Was I glad the first to die was Shane Black's character? Yes... and Predators (2010) The hopeless feeling is there. The best~ Slightly favorite is AvP because it introduces the fact that the Yautja had this ritual thing with killing the Xenos. Beats this shit storm I wished didn't existed, which is the 2018 Predator...

  • Grim Theorist
    Grim Theorist   4 days ago

    My favorite part of this movie is your jacket. It's a pretty sweet jacket.

  • crysis4real
    crysis4real   5 days ago

    Shane Black you are one stupid son of a bitch !! I just saw this movie; what a big mess you made with it !! This Predator movie was suppose to be serious from start to finish but you turned it into a comedy show with silly and lame jokes ! I pray you NEVER get to write or direct anymore movies ! You son of a bitch !!

  • Darren Miller
    Darren Miller   5 days ago

    I thought it was really good! It went from a ninja to a savage barbarian. Also how it was defeated was better than other films. It used multiple trsined soldiers, predator tech and the predog to beat it. Bullets did hurt them it just took alot of them (alot alot) like a video game were you shoot the boss millions of times to finally kill is with the same said gun. 1st predator was more artsy and gritty but thats cuz they were actually in a horrible jungle to film lol but this film aint bad its just not the murderous space ninja people wanted but more like a murderous space conan the barbarian.

  • James Amos
    James Amos   5 days ago

    Ive made it my full time job to tell everyone how awful this movie was. WTH were they thinking? So many questions no answers ugh

  • Shibbir Choudhury
    Shibbir Choudhury   5 days ago

    Wtf!! Absolutely crap. Shane black should hang himself.. by the gonads

  • Diego Bombardiere
    Diego Bombardiere   5 days ago

    This movie is an absolute piece of crap and the Predator franchise is officially dead and buried now

  • MeihanaBee
    MeihanaBee   6 days ago

    I didn't have much expectations because I heard about the bad reviews. But man, I was still disappointed lol

  • G Rivera
    G Rivera   6 days ago

    This movie is trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiger Ke
    Tiger Ke   6 days ago

    This movie sheet the dude is a pussy using his technology

  • mattop1
    mattop1   6 days ago

    this one is going into the same bin as the book of shadow, love it for some reasons or concept, but this shit has to be forgotten by everybody,,,

  • Angel Loeza
    Angel Loeza   6 days ago

    what I wish they would have had was the gift be royce that would have been wild

  • black manta
    black manta   6 days ago

    This predator movie or If I can even call this a predator movie was the worst...over cliche scenes,stereotypical characters,24/7 of bad jokes and cursing,killing off characters that we never had a chance to bond with, and the plot was just thrown everywhere like I was really confused on what the actual story was about...smh we deserve better than this.

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford   6 days ago

    I just watched it. I didn't expect much. Even with the dumb parts, I actually enjoyed the movie. It was like a big budget b movie. I think people are taking this stuff way too serious. It was a good laugh and it was over the top. For me I was entertained by how bad it was. I would like a better predator movie but fuck it. It is what it is.

  • saint-turbo12
    saint-turbo12   1 weeks ago

    Constantine with Keanu Reeves was litty. Bouta watch this Comedy

  • KainSwiss
    KainSwiss   1 weeks ago

    The guy with Tourettes is suddenly cured half way through? The autistic kid is kinda not autistic at all lol

  • Iwillone
    Iwillone   1 weeks ago

    I really liked this one (-_^ )

  • add996
    add996   1 weeks ago

    Complete and utter disappointment, a script that has more holes in it than Swiss cheese coupled with extremely poor acting.In fact it was like the actors were making their lines up as they went along was that bad.I wanted to see more of the predator than these cheese ball actors with their bad lines and cliches! I was left wanting!Even pissed up, I still wouldn't enjoy this pile of shite movie. A bad day for predator fans!, do yourselves a favour and save your hard earned cash... this film doesn't even warrant being shown on Netflix!

  • khaledpac
    khaledpac   1 weeks ago

    Worst movie of the predator franchise . Worst part, was playing fetch with the alien dog!!!!!!

  • Jwriter72 Teeban
    Jwriter72 Teeban   1 weeks ago

    cameron is the only one who can bring back predator in a big way! he cant go wrong

  • Terror TV
    Terror TV   1 weeks ago

    I guess with The Predator they couldn't really have a better story than Predator or Predators and couldn't have the suspense and feeling of something new of Predator so they just made a funny violent action movie- I mean nothing's gonna be better than the original

  • SkiFi Sk Music
    SkiFi Sk Music   2 weeks ago

    movie sucked so bad 3/10 ... I don´t ever want to see it again

  • Monkey Boy
    Monkey Boy   2 weeks ago

    everyone cracking jokeshi jinx That's the bread and butter of the soldier. I think this movie was aimed at young vets

  • Cameron Kwong
    Cameron Kwong   3 weeks ago

    I most definitely dip my french fries in my shake lol

  • UserVsMachine required

    that thumbs up scene made me think the predator rolled a nat 20 on his charisma roll.....just what the fuck shane black.