fedex delivery

  • Published on: December 6 Agu 2018

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  • Matthew Plays
    Matthew Plays   1 days ago

    " whistles Eh, fuggit. throws package over shoulder "

  • Braden Walker
    Braden Walker   3 days ago

    My shipping service leaves the package in between the screen door and the actual door if it's small enough, after ringing.

  • JChi
    JChi   4 days ago

    FedEx is the fucking worst

  • Kenuru Hishiro
    Kenuru Hishiro   1 weeks ago

    I'm waiting for my mine for a week! The bastards.

  • skinnedhound18
    skinnedhound18   2 weeks ago

    I used to be FedEx , I knocked and everything but people kept calling in complaints .so I stopped . I had one women slam her door open and tell me to get off her porch I asked if she still wanted the package she said fuck off , and the next day I a got a complaint that I sent her package back and knocked. Soo you can't win

  • Woe
    Woe   2 weeks ago

    I hate fedex

  • con
    con   1 months ago

    I prefer Santa delivery

  • Tuutti
    Tuutti   1 months ago

    "I've literally being standing outside my front door waiting for this package."So you were NOT home!

  • pcodymatt
    pcodymatt   1 months ago

    I just got a UPS ad! ­čśé

  • Fantasy Fan
    Fantasy Fan   1 months ago

    This is more UPS than Fedex to be honest.

  • sciencesyfy
    sciencesyfy   2 months ago

    So one time I was driving home, drove into my neighborhood and passed a house where I shit you not the fedex guy runs to the door, drops the package from waist height and runs back smh

  • tom mullen
    tom mullen   2 months ago

    FedEx employees are just professional "Ding Dong Ditchers"

  • Taylor Rose
    Taylor Rose   2 months ago

    I once spent $20 for express shipping because I needed something immediately for a costume. Fedex lost it in shipping and it was delayed for three days and then they refused to refund me the cost of the overnight shipping.

  • David Divad
    David Divad   2 months ago

    Hello yes, I got a UPS ad on this video

  • UfoLoche
    UfoLoche   2 months ago

    This happened to me a few times, I got really pissed off. I'd ordered a figure that I hold near and dear to my heart(Basically, the first mecha anime I ever watched, said mecha only got one good figure ever, and it's pretty rare these days, I got it for a good price).Basically, we have 3 dogs, all of which go ballistic if someone taps on the door, the slightest unknown sound makes them go crazy. So, I know they never knocked, they never left a slip, tracker said it was out for delivery for 4 days. It was only when I called and checked in that I found out that the package was about to get returned to fucking Japan.Another time was when I pre-ordered Kamen Rider Climax Fighters and was sick at home with the flu, fuckers never knocked and I had to go up there while I was sick. Also Super Robot Wars V, where the fucking thing required a signature, and the guy, too assed to walk 5 steps up to the door, just signed the address(incorrectly mind you) where it required a name, and shoved it in the mailbox.

  • WitheredChica
    WitheredChica   2 months ago

    YouTube freaked because it that I was going to buy shit from FedEx and showed me a UPS ad

  • Pixle
    Pixle   2 months ago

    I got a UPS ad before watching this.

  • Kel C
    Kel C   3 months ago


  • anima099
    anima099   3 months ago

    The sad thing is, this literally happened to me just a few months back for a credit card I got for being loyal to a bank.The delivery guy noted I wasn't home the three times he went there despite me working full-time at home for the last four years.Then, when I finally called the bank to ask what I can do, they told me I'll need to pay for replacement because the card has been decommissioned or shredded or something.So, fuck no.

  • Ms Bunny
    Ms Bunny   3 months ago

    True story bro. True story.

  • Lauren Mcdaniel
    Lauren Mcdaniel   3 months ago

    Meanwhile at amazon, " We are already inside your home..."

  • Shendue
    Shendue   3 months ago

    Be thankful you don't live in Italy.Many ebay sellers explicitly state they refuse to ship in third world african countries AND Italy, no joke. I basically receive 80% of the packages damaged. The custom fees for imports are insanely, and I mean insanely high, and most of the time they overcharge for no reason.If they lose your tracked package, you may ask for a refund, but it may take up to a year to receive it.Couriers are not much better, often they either pretend you are not home, leave the package outside or damage it somehow. An acquaintance of mine received a broken package with a FOOTPRINT on it.Good luck if you collect geek stuff like collector's editions of videogames or Funko Pops. It's like playing russian roulette.