Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

  • Published on: December 7 Agu 2018

  • Subscribe: @yousuckatcookin
  • Runtime : 3.31


  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking   4 months ago

    Tweet the tomato: book the tomato:

  • Chayton Thompson
    Chayton Thompson   1 days ago

    I didnt know this was a thing, and i wish i never wouldve learned about this because tomatoes are whole grain ass.

  • ag4 study
    ag4 study   1 weeks ago

    If you think algebra is hard then you’re bad at math

  • Chris Flood
    Chris Flood   1 weeks ago

    next time I'm in a soybean field I'm going to look for tomatoes on the ground

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang   2 weeks ago

    The tomato at the end was so perfect I cried.

    REDKEN   2 weeks ago

    How could anyone dislike this piece of art

  • Quinn Price
    Quinn Price   3 weeks ago

    That sandwich wouldn't have gotten near as soggy if you hadn't put that awful mayo on there. ... Tell yourself you'll do better next time. ... Or don't, to each their own.

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris   3 weeks ago

    This reminds me of Simple Ricks’s from Rick and Morty 😅

  • Sammy
    Sammy   3 weeks ago

    What is the backround music genre called?

  • ErinTheWoof
    ErinTheWoof   3 weeks ago

    this radiates "helmen's ad",, I love it

  • lil loli
    lil loli   3 weeks ago

    the perfect man doesnt exi-

  • Alex Newn
    Alex Newn   3 weeks ago

    Would love to meet this guy in person

  • wonhoze
    wonhoze   3 weeks ago

    i want to marry this guy

  • ruyguy8888
    ruyguy8888   3 weeks ago

    you are obviously more than just an engineer at food...that was some pretty fancy words spoken while standing in the field of cash crop.

  • tevin Hooper
    tevin Hooper   3 weeks ago

    Youtube apparently unsubscribed me from your channel? Definitely not something I would've done personally. Always excited about a new upload.

  • ical nafi
    ical nafi   1 months ago

    i thought i clicked a gordon ramsay video

  • Lukas Freitag
    Lukas Freitag   1 months ago

    i watch this video to help me fall asleep. its so relaxing. Out here in the country, where tomatos come from