$1 Street Food Around The World

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!

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  • Runtime : 5:43
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  • mounticilija
    mounticilija   8 minuts ago

    Lithuanian kebabs in lithuania (one in akademija other in Kėdainiai boso kebabine ) their both near hospitals

  • leDuke OfBacon
    leDuke OfBacon   14 minuts ago

    >tfw they misspell porra as porro which just means joint/blunt :v

  • Beeems 27
    Beeems 27   16 minuts ago

    In Indonesia you can buy a lot streetfood with 1$

  • R J
    R J   19 minuts ago

    In indonesia

  • messi fan
    messi fan   21 minuts ago

    For 1 dollar in VIET NAM you can by pho it very good you can try

  • DaBombz 7717
    DaBombz 7717   33 minuts ago

    I think the person who bought the hot dog is Inga. Who agrees?

  • Andikato gaming
    Andikato gaming   51 minuts ago

    you forget about indonesia you can buy a many street in there

  • KingBananaMan
    KingBananaMan   1 hours ago

    In Australia WE HAVE NO DAM STREET FOOOOD . Maybe you could get the markets where things like the hotdog is worth 6 dollars . When atleast we have maccas frozen dollar coke 🤘😤😤😤

  • Rachid Bessafi
    Rachid Bessafi   1 hours ago

    in France, you can have a "crêpe" (it's a kind of pancake) with "crème chantilly" and strawberries

  • Karavasg
    Karavasg   1 hours ago

    Come in greece the are so much things you can buy with 1$ here

  • Neti Thunti
    Neti Thunti   2 hours ago

    In Thailand 1 dollar enough for 1 meal.😂😆

  • alissa gamer
    alissa gamer   2 hours ago

    you said all around the world where is the philipine colombia and other country

  • JJoona a
    JJoona a   2 hours ago

    From Finland you can only get 1€ cheese burger from McDonald's

    TAKEVEVO   2 hours ago

    I feel kind of disgusted with some country's food like India, Malaysia and others, sorry guys, it's just me????

    TAKEVEVO   2 hours ago

    I want brazilian food 🇧🇷

  • Jericho Sibug
    Jericho Sibug   2 hours ago

    Where's the street food capital of the world?I expected that KOREA is also at the list.

  • G- ALL
    G- ALL   2 hours ago

    At the malaysia in 1$ you can buy 4 normal prata (roti canai)