This Monster Has No Phone Case

  • Published on: 04 August 2018
  • Thank god that Rekha noticed Trapp had no case on his phone. If she hadn't, who knows how long this negligence would have gone on.


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    Rekha Shankar
    Mike Trapp
    Avery Monsen

    Director - Sam Geer
    Writer - Mike Trapp
    Producer - Bridgett Greenberg
    Production Coordinator - Jessica Clemons
    Editor -  Sam Geer
  • Runtime : 3:34
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  • Edward Connor
    Edward Connor   10 hours ago

    Trying to understand the purpose of this sketch. Like I don’t have a case on my phone. The guy makes valid points. Basically I think the niceness of having no case outweighs the potential upset of having to get it fixed or replaced at some point. Why is this a comedy sketch besides the weird phone personification?

  • Salty jr
    Salty jr   10 hours ago

    I’ve nvr ever bought a phone case... I’ve been using smartphones ever since my first iphone 3g and I’ve nvr needed a phone case, I don’t see what the problem is.

  • Wesley Hempoli
    Wesley Hempoli   14 hours ago

    there is a direct correlation between ppl that break their phones every other month because they dont have a case and stupidity

  • RostislavLuk
    RostislavLuk   17 hours ago

    Remember when phones needed at least 30 drops on the floor to finally break? My SE w810i remembers.

  • Sam the cartoon maker
    Sam the cartoon maker   23 hours ago

    I don't have a case. Is this honestly a bad thing? I mean -- my phone has chips in the metal and isn't in great shape but I don't think a case will save it from my Brothers abuse

  • Ah Leh
    Ah Leh   1 days ago

    Screen protector part 2

  • SAOtaku
    SAOtaku   1 days ago

    top ten cases still unsolved

  • Badge
    Badge   1 days ago

    Yasss, I'm in the no phone case club! 😊

  • Juan M
    Juan M   1 days ago

    Got friends with cases and tempered glasses on with a cracked screen. Doesn't help.If you can't afford to break it then don't buy it. It's gonna break eventually, with or without a "case".

  • Pranay Anand
    Pranay Anand   1 days ago

    This video doesn’t make sense if you have a Nokia.

  • PotatoHeArT
    PotatoHeArT   1 days ago

    When your watching this without a phone case

  • BluSlinky
    BluSlinky   1 days ago

    That ending was predictable from the start.

  • Austin DeLosSantos
    Austin DeLosSantos   1 days ago

    Why is it that Trapp seems to be making the antivaxxer argument but for phones?? Am I the only one that noticed this?

  • carmine
    carmine   1 days ago

    the cop guy. solid actor!

  • luka tomasevic
    luka tomasevic   1 days ago

    i have a question is this the guy from geografy now

  • Thorbjørn Aaen
    Thorbjørn Aaen   1 days ago

    i´ve dropped my phone like 5 times and nothing is wrong with it.

    FIGLIN   1 days ago

    god fucking damnit

  • Beea
    Beea   2 days ago

    I'm currently watching this on my old iPad because I did not have a case on my phone... no phone should have to go through the same thing my phone did...

  • /u/CirnoBakaHD -
    /u/CirnoBakaHD -   2 days ago

    I have no case, and toss the phone too, never smashed a single phone, people think they're so fragile, when it would take 10x the impact they think would smash it to actually smash it.

  • H. Usui
    H. Usui   2 days ago

    I don't use a phone case. I live on the edge 🔥

    ADZIM GAMING   2 days ago

    Both those people jus wanted to steel the blue shirt guy phone

  • Orrez
    Orrez   2 days ago

    So CAN birds cough or not?

  • Orrez
    Orrez   2 days ago

    Avery Monsen, I love you and your acting talent so much

  • Isai the Lonely Sloth

    I almost became the case-less monster last week when buying an LG Fortune 2.. XD I don't have a license but I have a job now, so I have to make sure I call to get a ride home or a ride to work so I got the phone and had no intentions of buying a case cause they're usually $20 when you buy them from a phone seller, but they told me I'd get a discount if I bought it with my card so I did and saved $5 on that phone case. Now I have a red case with a little stand. XD Oh yeah, and the phone XD

  • WhatsaSalad
    WhatsaSalad   2 days ago

    Reason why I don’t get a case : I can could naturally use it and gets worn out soon Apple/Android would spam me with software updates and makes the phone barely functionalBasically it’s a race between me or the company to make the phone render uselessness

  • PAAN paan
    PAAN paan   2 days ago


  • Al Portocarerro
    Al Portocarerro   2 days ago

    Why did college humor decide to stop making videos that where good

  • dead pool
    dead pool   2 days ago

    and thats why i dont let people touch my phone or my stuff