The World of Jake Paul

  • Published on: December 8 Okt 2018

  • BINGE all 8 Episodes NOW!“The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing Youtuber’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is. Thanks to:Jake Paul Morton, Therapist Siwicki Costell Tepper Violet Podcast Hawkinson - Fae System Soul Butler Podcast Jumper
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  • shane
    shane   2 months ago

    Part 6 up NOW!

  • Liberty Blue
    Liberty Blue   2 hours ago

    What everyone I feel should keep in mind is that we're discussing a 21 yr old KID. I understand ur an adult at 18, but as someone who grew up fast, by my own doing, I had my first 3 kids (I have 4) before my 26th bday, I also understand that 21 is still very young. He was what, 17 when he started YT?? He went from 0 to 90 in 3 seconds flat. This is a young, small-town kid who made it big, in my opinion, way too rapidly. But I guess that's just the world today. We just have to keep this in mind. Like I mentioned on my previous comment, my oldest daughter is 20. She's also a mom herself, engaged to her high school sweetheart. She too grew up fast, and like myself, has handled it well and actually better than me and her father. Jake reminds me of my first ex, my oldest 2 kids' father. He had a very strict, hard-line father, and a mild mannered mother (a sweetheart, I love that woman). His father was actually mentally AND physically abusive. Now I'm from late GenX bordering the start of the Millennial gen, (child in 80's, teen in 90's) so there's a generational gap, but the stories are the same. My ex was a crazy adrenaline junkie also. He was an all-star hockey and lacrosse player. But, like with Jake, his father was his coach (lacrosse mostly). I'm also Canadian (southern Ontario). When my ex was offered a scholarship to some big US university for lacrosse, which is a huge deal for us Canucks, he immediately turned it down. Although he loved the sport, but his father had made it intolerable and he hated playing. His father would single him out in front the rest of his team and embarrass him by yelling at him about everything he did wrong. He was also the yngst brother of 2 boys, although his older brother is a completely different person and has many mental health problems, his father favoured his brother. Like when his brother flunked out of college and lied to his parents and blew his money. They ended up bailing him out like 4X in total! But when my ex asked to just borrow money, it was always "No". He was the top hockey and lacrosse player next to a few others, but his father only picked on him. For punishment he'd make him throw the ball against a wall for like hours to practice aim and speed. He had the same outward personna as Jake, acted tough and like he didn't give a shit, but deep down was a hurting little boy. When he was a young child, like 6, he hurt himself really bad and his mom was comforting him. His dad came along and told her not to "coddle" him bc he was a young man, not a baby. He was never allowed to grow up as a kid and experience life like the avg person does. We all have our issues, just some worse than others. He broke his arm in 3 places during a lacrosse game, after being cross-checked from behind into the boards. He couldn't even straighten his arm, and his father told him to "stop being a pussy" and MADE him finish the game. His father didn't even take him to the hospital til the next day when his entire arm swelled up. My ex is still an ass and jerk, more so twds me, but even to our kids (he's married w/ another son whom he favours, but my kids have huge support and love from a large family). But they're 20 & 16, and my son really doesn't want much to do with him anymore. We split up right after he was born due to compulsive cheating and money issues. My father has been a strong father figure, and so has my husband since we dated and got serious almost 9 yrs ago now. When I had to return to college as a single mom of 3, my amazing parents allowed us to move back in with them and have played a huge strong roll their whole lives, so we are very blessed in that sense. I see the insecurities in Jake, as a mom, and from my education and life experience. Maybe some will say it's how this series was done, but I'm good at seperating facts from emotions and reading behaviour. I think so far he's probably a good person, he just hasn't had the greatest life. And again, keep in mind he is still a kid. The human brain doesn't fully develop until age 25. The part that does reasoning, logic, consequences of actions etc. From my own personal life, it wasn't until after age 25 when life and things around me, what I needed to be doing with my life and so on, all started to click. From my late teens to mid 20's, I was still very naïve, and as an empathetic and caring, loving person, I many times got myself into heartbreaking situations. Just as an example of how much Jake reminds me of my ex, who was a huge prankster and thank the Lord above YT wasn't around in the mid-late 90's, he and his friends found a bbq in someone's front lawn. It was homemade out of a barrel, and on 4 wheels. They pushed it down this hill in the middle of this small town after they left the bar hammered. They'd lay metal bars down over railroad tracks to get the bars over the road to stop traffic, to go down. It's a way of getting some form of positive attention, from some form of audience, bc their fathers were so hard on them, even abusive. For my ex it was friends and ppl around, for Jake, it's millions of ppl worldwide thx to technology. Now it's a matter of Jake can and/or will reflect on this experience. I truly hope he does and changes for the better, especially since he does have a young child audience and has a responsibility to be a good role model. So far, not so much, but there's hope for the future. On to the next video....

  • maicie edge
    maicie edge   7 hours ago

    Shane:how old were you when u split up I won’t put it in And he put it in 😂 I support wat ur doing Shane

  • ria k
    ria k   8 hours ago

    I have my physics exam tomorrow and here I am watching this 47 minutes long documentary about jake Paul

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn   10 hours ago

    Jake may seem normal in real life but he’s so different and immature in his videos . I would watch his channel buts he’s annoys the hell out of me

  • AbBy CoOl
    AbBy CoOl   12 hours ago

    Wait the funk bris were on the set of everyday bro

  • Nope.
    Nope.   13 hours ago

    Jake: I feel like people that were leaving team 10 are using us. 😂😂😂😂

  • StarVlogs s
    StarVlogs s   16 hours ago

    who else thinks that shane died after his last episode with Jake Paul????

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson   21 hours ago

    shane not trying to cause any harm y r u not recording anymore

  • Deiety
    Deiety   1 days ago


  • #Doglover Suppop
    #Doglover Suppop   1 days ago

    Y’all I feel Andrew needs more credit 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Merxy 89
    Merxy 89   1 days ago

    41:39...My heart sank. He seemed so drained yet scared/vulnerable

  • Tewa Canterbury
    Tewa Canterbury   1 days ago

    Who the hell gave this therapist a license?! What a fraudulent so called "medical professional"

  • Merxy 89
    Merxy 89   1 days ago

    Erika is highkey looking like a 40 year old woman

  • Texting Girl
    Texting Girl   1 days ago

    Wow Shane dawson drinking water never seen before

  • HeY HumAn
    HeY HumAn   1 days ago

    why in the world is jake the cutetest person on the internet in this video

  • Simone Dunbar
    Simone Dunbar   1 days ago

    Didn’t Jake Paul start Team 10 to help up and coming help build a platform for themselves so they can do it themselves

  • Wiip
    Wiip   2 days ago

    My parentes got devorst wen i was 2 years old.

  • Grant Turner
    Grant Turner   2 days ago

    I HATE "vlog" Jake Paul, but this version, the "real" Jake Paul, I actually like, like I enjoyed watching this, it was fun. The vlogs Jake puts out are just over the top and insane and it's too much for me. It's not real. This is "real", and I like it.