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  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
    Check out my new card game 'Can't Catch Harry' ➤
    Friends With Answers (Thanks for doing lines) ➤

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  • Runtime : 10:10
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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut   1 weeks ago

    The card game I created has reached its goal! Thanks everyone! If you want to check it out, here's a link: (now I'm going to save up to give Harry a proper funeral)

  • MPolley 13
    MPolley 13   4 minuts ago

    You should make a video on how much it rains in Arizona.... wait it never rains lol never mind lol 😂

  • It’s Fortie
    It’s Fortie   17 minuts ago


  • Jyoti Mehra
    Jyoti Mehra   39 minuts ago

    Me:James used to watch porn James:who said used to?

  • Gacha Chloee
    Gacha Chloee   42 minuts ago

    Johnny Johnny Yes papa?Losing at chess?No papaShow me the boardI FREAKING TOLD YOU I AM WINNING AGAINST A 2 YR OLD idiot

  • Hayley O
    Hayley O   1 hours ago board games too...

  • Jackaboo
    Jackaboo   1 hours ago

    I've got the shiny charizard not clickable

  • CowGaming101
    CowGaming101   1 hours ago

    And yu-gi-oh is just where you get the most op card and legit smite every one one of your friends

  • Bedey Twig
    Bedey Twig   1 hours ago

    Yeah, I don't think they're playing it right.

  • Ismael Diva
    Ismael Diva   1 hours ago

    Did he just challenge ricegum to chess boxing?!? I'll pay for that!!!

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays   2 hours ago

    Lol was that life noggin in the intro?!

  • Isaiah Haase
    Isaiah Haase   2 hours ago

    Instead of family game night I have brother and sister dungeons and dragons night

  • JACEN Chain
    JACEN Chain   2 hours ago

    a little fucking Yugioh Yugioh the best let's do this

  • Sacred Eirika
    Sacred Eirika   2 hours ago

    I live magic the gathering!Vraska the unseen is one of my favorite planswalkers.

  • JACEN Chain
    JACEN Chain   2 hours ago

    chess boxing sounds more like X boxing if you know what I mean

  • Savige Maverick
    Savige Maverick   3 hours ago

    😋 I know how to play the card game of Pokémon because I was in the group who battled each other for school was messed up XD

  • Victoria Bernardez
    Victoria Bernardez   3 hours ago

    2:55, why did that remind me of Magi? You know, Aaladin with his friend (the one in the flute, I forgot his name) but instead of his head inside the flute, it's in the computer!