Wakey Wakey...

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • Runtime : 30


  • quote II
    quote II   16 minuts ago

    super smash bros ultimate was a failure

  • Ekoss
    Ekoss   48 minuts ago

    Hands of snakey!

  • StacyChan
    StacyChan   1 hours ago


  • Alien Alexander
    Alien Alexander   1 hours ago


  • G-Gnome505
    G-Gnome505   2 hours ago

    Ok ok ok, I was 8 when the first one came out, and I'm still mentally scarred by it lmao

  • Khaliq Vincent
    Khaliq Vincent   3 hours ago

    Didnt you guys see the mayor standing next to the red guy

  • Hacker Snaper
    Hacker Snaper   3 hours ago

    Go to. 13:00 there s a head on the table of the gray guy

  • Nelib!
    Nelib!   3 hours ago

    Holy shit I'm so happy

  • Yogg
    Yogg   4 hours ago

    Barely a week and already+6M views ?

  • Rebecca gomez
    Rebecca gomez   4 hours ago

    If you dont know the sound in the beggining its actually yellow guy sying wakey wakey

  • PB14
    PB14   4 hours ago

    OMG Yes!!!!!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew   4 hours ago


  • Christin Finny
    Christin Finny   5 hours ago

    Isn't that purple disc in the fruit basket in the first DHMIS?

  • neoruma
    neoruma   6 hours ago

    If the previous video ended at june 20th, this would probably be their own show without roy since the curse is broke and will most likely be uploaded on june 20th or the 21st as a continuation.

  • Kotowskij play
    Kotowskij play   7 hours ago

    Слушай автор ты уже за стар на ето ты ещо палучишь енфаркт

  • EngineMusic
    EngineMusic   8 hours ago

    Alright guys, we did It! A quarter of a million subscribers

  • Mr120110
    Mr120110   8 hours ago

    Is this Roy's Punishland?