Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
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    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!

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  • Ari Giske
    Ari Giske   2 minuts ago

    If you think FNAF is a tough nut to crack, hoo boy, you'll be in for a treat when Paintings comes out

  • Phoenix Thepug
    Phoenix Thepug   3 minuts ago

    But it doesnt make sense to have charlie end up being a robot cause remember in the first book when foxy hit her with his hook she bled

    EDI MOHIDIN   11 minuts ago

    Can it be possible for FNAF to continue its backstory ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Philip underwood
    Philip underwood   27 minuts ago

    first: how is it Jeremy being the bite victim of the bite of 87?second: since you said William Afton is dissecting the robots and experiment on them and producing the "funtime animatronics." how does the souls of the original 5 then attack William and still being fused together and eject circus baby and become molten Freddy? (I'm sorry but I'm confused.)

  • Simplyy Ava
    Simplyy Ava   43 minuts ago

    Matpat: well, uh the end, uhm ends hereScott: hold my beerScott: releases fnaf 7 revealing stuff about the box

  • The AJ Gamer 2018
    The AJ Gamer 2018   1 hours ago

    Btw if it's is the fnaf 2 location, then how is it open in 1983 when the newspaper at the end of fnaf 2 it says that it was open after a few short weeks?

  • Rosy The fox 283
    Rosy The fox 283   1 hours ago

    did you forgot about the movie? that will come out in 2020 (im not sure it will come out:/)

  • Yusuf Bukhari
    Yusuf Bukhari   1 hours ago

    who else here wants that merch but's broke af

  • Caleb H
    Caleb H   1 hours ago

    Question; excuse me for my ignorance; with these final theories, is FNAF World being disregarded? Because if not, the man who kills himself who we assumed was Henry, does at some point have to die, but Henry has to be alive by fnaf 6 to lure the animatronics together and burn the pizzeria to the ground.

  • Claudy Carandang
    Claudy Carandang   1 hours ago

    I saw security puppet or puppet at throw back alley cutscene with lefty when u light up screen

  • Cheeseball
    Cheeseball   1 hours ago

    and then scott releases a new fnaf game just to be a total troll

  • Nino
    Nino   1 hours ago

    I'm going to cry!!!!!

  • Ae Ea
    Ae Ea   1 hours ago

    jewtube, dont like this turd. Dont recommend me this never more

  • GopKidTV
    GopKidTV   1 hours ago


  • GopKidTV
    GopKidTV   1 hours ago


  • Brandon Castaneda
    Brandon Castaneda   1 hours ago

    Puppet will end up a hero because he's nice,loyal he's brain washed by the music box.Thats the only time he attacks when youcrank up the music box

  • Rockstar Bidybab
    Rockstar Bidybab   2 hours ago


  • Zoey Coy
    Zoey Coy   2 hours ago

    Did u know the paper pals represent purple man kids? Not lyingA clown (circus baby), a bunny (his son that he does not love),a bear (the kid that possess shadow freddy, aka cry boy)

    TEETSMAN   2 hours ago

    Cant wait for the next era if there is one

  • Ice Cream Addict
    Ice Cream Addict   3 hours ago

    Wait, so if William is who were playing as in custom night, does that mean spring trap (custom night) is a normal animatronic

  • Sean Fehring
    Sean Fehring   3 hours ago

    You forgot a bout one more thing what’s going on in the kitchen in fnaf1

  • Smilingpanda2 gaming
    Smilingpanda2 gaming   3 hours ago

    So is this the end of fnaf or is there going to be fnaf 7 if not I might cry . Thank you Scott and matpat for a good storyline

  • Chronoflare Andedare
    Chronoflare Andedare   3 hours ago

    Sorry but I can't seem to find this anywhere... In Dishonored 2 in the royal chambers at the start of the game, there is a number written on only 1 of the 7 gold blocks, what does that number mean?1740260280018 <- The number on the gold blockIt doesn't appear on any other block.Please if someone knows, tell me what it means, its killing me here :|