Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
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    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!

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  • Runtime : 23:32
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  • Philip schnepf
    Philip schnepf   32 minuts ago

    you would think people in 2023 would be smart enough NOT to let a killer animatronic roam a pizzeriaEDIT: can we get a slenderman theory now?

  • Stephen Weischedel
    Stephen Weischedel   3 hours ago

    MatPat,SPOILER ALERT (as if it mattered if you're a loyal theorist watching this video).I have a question for you. I have several theories about many of Mr. Hippo's stories which I think specifically mock the player, or as theorized, WAfton (as I like to refer to him). However:Who are the children/remnants of the Mediocre Melodies? Mr. Hippo refers in the Fish story that he may in fact be dead. At the very least:Who, if this is true, could be a smart enough child to possess such wisdom and insight about life, despite his rambling style?Additionally, when Mr. Hippo says "You can't think/read too much into a story, or you'll just drive yourself crazy. It happened to a friend of mine once, we talked about it for many years....", I believe he is channeling Scott directly, talking to YOU, MatPat, specifically regarding how you constantly refer to your own having been driven crazy by the literal years you have spent on this series.Good luck, MatPat.Sincerely,TheGuyWhoThinksYouNeedToDive_EVEN_Deeper(But not Scott, obviously; that would make it too easy, and you know he hates that).

  • Neytiri Chanté
    Neytiri Chanté   5 hours ago

    Just wanna say my GT backpack is always my carry on when I fly lol

  • Becky K
    Becky K   6 hours ago

    Waits for Scott to make a new game

  • - ind4k
    - ind4k   6 hours ago

    I always figured we were a robot. Kind wondered why the screen goes static when you die

  • Anderson Mull
    Anderson Mull   7 hours ago

    It you notice in the back of the fruit run minigame, you can see the spring Bonnie suit looming over SusieEver think about that?

  • Roblox hub
    Roblox hub   12 hours ago

    Hey Matpat The sounds that Golden Freddy makes is actually golden Freddy whispering it’s me

  • Socko The Doggo
    Socko The Doggo   20 hours ago

    But MatPat! In The Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones, it was made clear that Micheal was Golden Freddy!

  • Nevaeh Nelson
    Nevaeh Nelson   21 hours ago

    MatPat: It's the end.Scott: HOLD MAH BEER!!

  • KJ
    KJ   21 hours ago

    oh dear dear matpat, have you listented to EVERY SINGLE voice line? now that thats settled now on to the reason why im typing this, i suggest you try and get EVERY SINGLE voice line and listen carefully to them. :3 im helping here!edit: the voice lines have a bit more lour then you think, thats the reason why im telling you this.

  • DARK gaming
    DARK gaming   22 hours ago

    im sad this is the endi need more of this its so much fun but as they say"This is where your story ends!!!!"

  • Savvy Rose
    Savvy Rose   22 hours ago

    Bring back the genocide and pacifist route T-shirts please I really want one but I wasn’t able to get one during the time it came out and if you don’t I’ll eat your cookies and try to find it ebay

    UNDERTALE Gia   22 hours ago

    Did you get mercy and genocide from undertale cuz if you did congrats to you

  • noob boy
    noob boy   23 hours ago

    The one that he shouldn't have kill I want to know that's about that's a voice line in the game in ultra night custom

  • Rodimus Unicronus
    Rodimus Unicronus   1 days ago

    Wait you said golden freddy is not in animatronic mode and thats why he can't move and he is in the same position all the time. But golden freddy is nit a springlock suit he is ment to be and animatronic just like freddy from fnaf 1. So how can golden freddy be in suit mode when he is NOT a springlock suit like fredbear and springbonnie.

  • Hannahloves Todraw
    Hannahloves Todraw   1 days ago

    I missed it while on vacation and it had already gone out of stock when I got back! Next time I’m ordering in the first second!

  • JirB
    JirB   1 days ago

    Sooo what happened to the 5 kids killed at JR's? Did their souls go to the afterlife normally?

  • QuintyFresh
    QuintyFresh   1 days ago

    When MatPat doesn’t point out that Lefty = Nightmare

  • disbelief the legend

    I Have a question For matpat where did The small Freddy comeback from did he survive The Burns and it could Be a spirit Baby inside of The small Freddy in fnaf 6

  • Björn F
    Björn F   1 days ago

    Welp im happy That He's Thinking That The crying child is Micheael A.

  • Björn F
    Björn F   1 days ago

    Uhm matup you know Michael Afton Is Who's Springtrap Faceplams

  • Im A Tree
    Im A Tree   1 days ago

    3.50 minutes that took for MatPat's ad... wow

  • Blaite
    Blaite   1 days ago

    Macaroni! Im going ta buy mmeeeeeerrrrrccchhhhh

  • Cindy Pascual
    Cindy Pascual   1 days ago

    So how did William survive in the burning down of fazbear fright shouldn't of he went to hell already

  • ThePigVillage ————————

    But maybe micheal has nightmares because he killed his brother, he might not be the crying child! Because micheal might repossess his human body like springtrap! And whatever happened to the toys anyway? It’s not like the souls would just “pass on” after being dismantled? Just think of basically every other character in all the games! Like circus baby and Fredbear! And what about Scrap Baby and molten Freddy being separate entities in FNaF 6! Didn’t you say circus baby was part of Ennard? How is that possible?

  • Littlest Pet Shop Productions

    I don’t know why, but, excluding Golden Freddy, there’s something about the group from FNAF 1 that has always made me feel a little suspicious and off.It always confused me as to why Foxy kind of seemed excluded from the rest of the group. Bonnie, Freddy and Chica performed on stage. They served cake to the children and did everything together. But Foxy was on the other side of the restaurant and barely had contact with the kids, because Pirate Cove was always out of order. He does everything differently from all the other animatronics. For instance, in FNAF 1 he doesn’t have a proper jumpscare. He just pops up at your doorway. In FNAF 2 you can just put the mask on if an animatronic comes into your room. But that doesn’t work for Foxy. You have to shine your flashlight on him in the hallway. And in FNAF 3 the animatronics jumpscare you normally, but Foxy sits in front of you on that weird pile of masks before he jump scares you.And in FNAF 4 the other animatronics jumpscare you at the door, but Foxy sits in the closet.I could go on and on with all the other games, and I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or something to challenge you while you’re playing, or if it’s something to do with a backstory, but it just seems off to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️