Apple Wins Capitalism & Parents Enlist “Fortnite” Coaches |The Daily Show

  • Published on: 06 August 2018
  • Apple gets a $1 trillion valuation, Pope Francis declares his opposition to the death penalty, and parents are apparently hiring “Fortnite” coaches for their kids.

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  • Runtime : 3:27
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  • zorra578
    zorra578   23 hours ago

    lol games are getting "harder" suuuuuuuuuuuure

  • MySmart Device
    MySmart Device   1 days ago

    Oh great why is this abysmally worthless show in my recommended feed. Even blocking isn't helping stem the tide of trash.

  • Marzz_Ow
    Marzz_Ow   1 days ago

    Anyone need a fortnite coach?

  • Joshua Kailer
    Joshua Kailer   2 days ago

    Fortnite isn't a videogame, it's a type of cancer.

  • ItsReddd
    ItsReddd   2 days ago

    This really makes me a bit mad because that wasn't even the right footage of FortniteThat gameplay was from Save The World in 2011

  • briced0g20002
    briced0g20002   3 days ago

    I love how every news station always uses old STW footage from before the game even game out. Lol, all of these kids are playing br not STW.

  • Ernesto Marcos
    Ernesto Marcos   3 days ago

    Bergoglio is an asshole, he campaigned hard to not have abortion legal in his home country (when he's technically the head of another State) just like he did same-sex marriage eight years ago. Dunno why Americans seem to like him. Luckily he's gonna be killed soon.

  • First Last
    First Last   3 days ago

    More support for censorship coming from a guy that would not have survived the bullies at my elementary school... how this twat has an audience capable of booting up Windows 98 and watching this shit is beyond me

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez   4 days ago

    Remember the old way of playing video games where the only way to get good at a video game was through trial and error?

  • jalila love
    jalila love   5 days ago

    There are other ways of protecting citizens from repeat offenders...yea, we see how well the church is handling that issue with pedophile priests, not very well at all. We need the death penalty. Don't care if people are wrongfully accused or not, attacking human dignity or not. There is no such thing as a reformed serial killer or rapist. There are too many of us and its time to thin the herd in prisons.

  • Sargent Waag
    Sargent Waag   5 days ago

    Wow, He can be funny when he doesn't talk about Trump.

  • Itz Gud
    Itz Gud   5 days ago


  • Andre Browne
    Andre Browne   5 days ago

    The pope rewrite the Bible cause it clearly says in Revelation dog will not get into heaven.

  • Eli AP
    Eli AP   5 days ago

    Kid - "I wanna be a doctor!"Parent - "NOT UNDER MY ROOF!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jackson Akins
    Jackson Akins   5 days ago

    Didn't smile, didn't exhale out of my nose really fast.Not funny.

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith   5 days ago

    Fuck this South African NON -American,giving REAL AMERICANS shit.Smug faced loser nobody,Fuck him.

  • Garrett Carpenter
    Garrett Carpenter   5 days ago

    As a person who has gotten really good a video games, git gud scrubs.

  • Ultra FU
    Ultra FU   5 days ago

    Francis is an IDIOT, dumb Catholics LMAO

  • VenomSn4ke
    VenomSn4ke   5 days ago

    Lol low key kinda sad that I’m better than a kid at fortnite that got professional coach

  • Oshawott315
    Oshawott315   5 days ago

    My parents are the opposite. 😂 they hate video games with every fiber of their being. But I don’t...

  • Rn Shxbby
    Rn Shxbby   5 days ago

    Wow losers need fortnite coaches cuz they are bad

  • Bobby Shayne
    Bobby Shayne   5 days ago

    The only reason why this shit on trending is because it has fortnite on the title.

  • Dat
    Dat   5 days ago

    Now this is epic 😎

  • MadCapMonster
    MadCapMonster   6 days ago

    it's not that version of Fortnite they are playing :)

  • Apple The Squirrel
    Apple The Squirrel   6 days ago

    screenshotting every moment with captions on basically placing a crown on my head.

  • Bean
    Bean   6 days ago

    Apple is a liberal run company. They get help from law makers.